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Thursday, November 08, 2012

A modest proposal for a new cable channel: RYTV

Current TV -- Al Gore's baby -- does good work. But I think that Dems would be better served if they canned Current and used the money to set up a new Republican Youth news channel. Call it RYTV (pronounced "Right Teevee").

Think about it: The Republican party somehow managed to lose a can't-lose election. How did they do it? By allowing the Republican message to be associated with a lot of people who are loud, extreme, scary and downright repulsive. As long as the GOP remains dominated by paranoid, rage-fueled Randroids and Jesusmaniacs, the Dems will continue to win national elections.

Many within the Republican party understand this problem, and that's why there's some talk of revamping Fox News. Bill O'Reilly has made some noises along those lines. If Roger Ailes and company create a kinder, gentler Fox, Dems could face disaster.

That's why I think Al Gore should ditch Current in favor of RYTV. Here's my proposed list of scary programming:

The Ted Nugent Family Hour
In Deep with Ann Coulter
Sarah Palin's Brain Trust
Glenn Beck's American History Lesson
Todd Akin's Family Values
Dick Morris Predicts! 
Sharron's Angle
Rick Mourdock's Tea Party
The Cain Mutiny
Kickin' It with James O'Keefe
Chuck Krauthammer's Love Shack
Happy Time with Pam Geller
Straight Shooting with Dick Cheney

Pretty much all of the Breitbart-linked bloggers deserve their own shows.

By funding this line-up, Dems can stay in the White House for the foreseeable future. Write to Al Gore now and say: "I want my RYTV!"
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Righty Whitey Tightyvision
This is pretty damn clever. Stop it.
Here's an ad you could run:
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