Saturday, October 13, 2012

When polls push

This one is a classic...
No link? How am I meant to vote?
A disgusting misrepresentation. Although Barack & Joe have come out in support of same-sex marriage and said that they think same-sex couples should be able to marry, both of them affirmed and re-affirmed that ultimately it would be left up to the states and commonwealths to craft their own marriage laws and decide for themselves what to do about same-sex marriage. The president isn't going to interfere with that and Obama isn't going to make some kind of executive order forcing all the states to legalise same-sex marriag or homosexuality (which is still illegal in more than 10 states). These people opposing Obama are fucking psychotic. And I know that on your blog I've written harshly about how I oppose Barack Obama but that was for completely, completely different reasons. None of the reasons his other opponents bring up. I definitely do not think Obama homosexualized the military by getting rid of DADT or is trying to force same-sex marriage on state legislatures by publicly supporting same-sex marriage in comments. And even though I'm opposed to Barack Obama, I'm still voting for him. Because the alternative.......Oh my fuck....the alternative is so, so, so, so, so much worse. The Romney/Ryan ticket are lying fucktards "straight from hell", to use a phrase recently made popular by one congressman. They must be stopped, period.
Could someone explain to me how a person's sexuality affects the nation's business. I'd be interested to find out how 10% or so of the population has an impact on how the nation interacts with other nations, passes legislation that benefits the majority of it's residents within the nation, takes care of the various agencies that are put in place to ensure the majority of it's residents are protected and afforded equal opportunity. What is with this obsessive mental concentration on "the other"? Are people so fearful that they fear anyone who is not a mirror image of themselves? It's bizarre.
Anonymous @2:52, if you were trying to appease Middle East Bronze Age misfits so they wouldn't turn off the Oil Spigot by stoning homosexuals and unfaithful women I suppose you would agree with the republican agenda.
Mr Mike, I suppose I should have identified myself. I'm HT. I doubt that the mid east are as concerned about homosexuals or women in the U.S. as they are with destroying the US from within by pounding on those irrelevant issues and ultimately making the U.S. pay attention. those boys don't give a tinkers damn about how the U.S. deals with women and gays, their main purpose is to sow disharmony and doubt. So far, they're doing a pretty good job.
Just a bit of a leading question, eh?

I vote for:

"Should Romney force his callous, granny-starving immorality on everyone who's not rich?"

--NW Luna

Mr. Mike @ 4:58 - my previous response got swallowed in the great ether, so I'm posting again just to set the record straight. I don't usually post as Anonymous, but at this site it's difficult for anyone who doesn't have a google account or URL. My nym is HT.
At first reading of your comment at 4:58, I made an erroneous assumption and for that I apologize. Thank you for your response. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I've never been accused of being anything other than literal. If my previous comment gets published, please ignore it.
Yes...everyone should be forced to marry a person of the same sex. (sarcasm in response to one of the silliest polls I have ever wasted time reading.
Actually, it's VERY easy to simply use a nym or name on here. When you make your comment, choose the "Name/URL" selection, and type any name you wish (it does not need to be a URL). Simple.
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