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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update on the Surprise -- Turns out to be a gag

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In our previous post, we talked about Romney's recent dealings with conspiracy kingpin Jerome Corsi. The above Rachel Maddow clip gives us more on that. I honestly did not know what Corsi has been getting up to, lately. Apparently, Barack Obama has murdered all of his previous gay "husbands."

In the meantime, I contacted a representative of the "October Surprise" countdown site. He assured me that this is not a "Rickroll" type gag. But: The message of denial I received was signed "Jeff" -- and a man named Jeff Hopwood is credited with being one of a duo responsible for the so-called "Greatest Rickroll ever."

However, Hopwood himself told Buzzfeed that he simply put the site together, and doesn't know the surprise.

On the site right now, a message says "Forget the counter -- it's go time right now." And the counter itself shows a time not congruent with what I saw just a short while ago. It says 3 days, ten hours now. Three hours ago, it said 4 days Something.

Update: It's a gag. 
Sorry folks. Did NOT expect this level of interest. Apologies! Jokes! Vote!

Sorry for the most predicable rick roll ever.

Glad all the attention dragged them out of the shadows.

Now we can go back to worrying about other things. :-)
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