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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

There wasn't much fire, but they did have wire

Were Romney and Obama wired up? You decide...

If you think that such things cannot be, see here. Also note that the old "Bush Wired" blog is back!
If Obama was wired, he needs to get a much better prompter.

NW Luna
Well, a lot of people made the same crack about Dubya.
Are you sure those aren't wireless mic transmitters? That's traditionally where you put them.
Hey, I'm not sure of anything. I simply think that this bulge stuff is lots of fun.

That said -- there WERE mics attached to the podiums, and those mics are surely of higher quality than any wireless body mic would be.
Did you ever consider that they might be wearing body armor? The line on the suit you are indicating is about where the edge of a vest is.

I would be surprised if they didn't wear some kevlar for all public appearances.
Look like bra straps to me.
Is that a mike in your suit, or are you just glad to see me?
I could only take about three minutes worth of the debate. It was painful listening to the both of them Bill Clinton, or Al Gore, they're not. Bambi and Willard could tag team Bill and still lose.

Oh and BTW, with the unhinged gun loons running rampant I go with Kevlar undies making the jacket bulges.
re:the mics. Its common practice--especially in live broadcast--to have redundant audio sources.
Dude, you have to go analog on this one..... look at this....
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