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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ryan debate video is running late

I sure hope I can get my video about the Ryan/Biden debate up before the next Obama/Romney meeting. Turns out Ryan's whoppers may outnumber those of Der Mittster himself.

I think the lie that ticks me off most came early in the debate. No-one commented on it at the time, or even a few days later. Ryan was still -- still -- repeating the falsehood that the Obama administration had somehow sympathized with the people who attacked our embassies.

Has everyone forgotten the events of just one month ago? Even many Republicans castigated Mitt Romney for his cheap attempt to capitalize on a political tragedy.

That said, I still maintain that events of September 11, 2012 still remain quite mystifying. If the Libya attack was planned ahead of time, then the release of THAT video -- on that particular day -- was awfully damned convenient.

As Charlie Chaplin once said (in a very different context): "I don't mind coincidence. Life is coincidence. But I detest convenience."
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To hold folks over until your certain to be fantastic and satisfying Paul Ryan video, exposing him to be the liar he is and apparently always will be, I'd like to point some attention over to a video at this link:

The title of the video is 'Romney Exposed' and I would love to hear input, feedback, reviews and thoughts about it.

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