Friday, October 26, 2012

The Polls

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've had to deal with some real-life unpleasantries -- including a malfunctioning computer. Right now, I'm on an old XP machine -- and y'know what? Better that than Windows 8.

The thing that really fries me about 8 is that there are some genuine improvements "under the hood," but we can't get at 'em without having to deal with all of that Metro crap. Well, we're not supposed to call it "Metro" anymore, so let's simply use the phrase "Those damn tiles." They'll probably work just fine on the new Surface touchscreen tablets, but on a traditional desktop -- no freakin' way.

My limited net surfing time has been spent watching the polls, the polls, the goddamned polls. Isn't that what everyone is doing right now?

 Hear the pundits with the polls-
                   Swing state polls!
   Now we all descend within uncomprehended holes!
          And you're shaking, aching, quaking
              As you slip through every site!
          Every lead's a single digit,
          Every swing can make you fidget
             With foreshadowings of fright.
                Is there time, time, time,
             To fend off the Randroid slime
   And to save entitlements from shooters on the knolls?
             Follow polls, polls, polls, polls,
                   Polls, polls, polls...
   And you'll shiver from each quiver of the polls.

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