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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The debate, the chart, and the vote

I'm feeling rather good about last night's debate. Romney's constant attempts to revert to domestic topics seemed desperate. On foreign policy, he couldn't really differentiate himself from Obama without attacking from the left -- drone policy, kill lists and so forth. The phrase "horses and bayonets" was a slight error, since bayonets are still used. ("Cannonballs" might have served better.)

I'm not sure whether I'll make a video about this one. Mitt did tell quite a few whoppers.

ThinkProgress supplies a chart which tells you all you need to know about Mitt Romney's domestic and foreign policy...

Nuff said, as Stan Lee used to say.

I have one problem with ThinkProgress: This story, titled "Why Romney Isn’t Rigging Voting Machines." The article slams the work of Brad Friedman and Truthout without offering any real counter-argument. Instead, we get this:
The rigged machines myth is not only distracting, but harms the effort to get out the vote.... Spreading the myth that the system is so corrupt that these votes don’t matter tells voters they may as well sit out the election.
Neither Friedman nor Truthout has ever discouraged voting. Quite the contrary. The best way to encourage a higher turnout is to make sure that the vote is clean, and you can't accomplish that goal by imitating the ostrich.

Writer Aviva Shen argues that any focus on the possibility of rigged machines might distract from the other well-known and much-discussed tactics Republicans have used to dissuade Democrats from voting. But Friedman and Truthout have spoken about those other problems tirelessly -- as Aviva Shen has not.

Shen correctly notes that the Hart Intercivic machines are being used in just two counties in Ohio. But those are two key counties -- and over the past eight years, questions have been raised about all manufacturers of these devices. See (to cite but one recent example) this fine piece by Bob Fitrakis and Gerry Bello:
The Free Press has previously reported, Scytl, a Barcelona based e-voting company will be counting votes in 26 states. They will be doing so through something called the Federal Overseas Voting Program or FVAP. FVAP is a program designed to allow military personnel and other overseas Americans to vote in their home districts seamlessly through electronically delivered absentee ballots.

Intercepting and changing these ballots, as well as voting electronically on behalf of service people that have no idea such a thing is happening, is something that Scytl is uniquely positioned to do because of their cellphone spyware sister company, CarrierIQ. These stolen votes, distributed throughout jurisdictions across the country, could become a critical component of any scheme to defraud the 2012 presidential election. By means of changing a relatively small number of votes, and laundering those stolen votes in the correct places, the net effect would be a near silent theft.
Sources at Smartech, the company responsible for stealing the election in Ohio in 2004, revealed to Free Press journalist Jill Simpson that the next man in the middle attack would be launched by Scytl from its US headquarters, a location in suburban Virginia that was formerly owned by its managing director, Hugh Gallagher, and seems to serve as his private home.
The day after Fitrakis published this information, the company relocated to a "virtual" address located in Baltimore -- 400 East Pratt Street, very near the Barnes & Noble where I like to hang out.

Brad Friedman's excellent response is here.
The choice is clear: do you want your neocon policies served up with, or without, the race card?
Perry, as much as I have disagreed with Obama, I don't think he is a neo-con. The test here is Iran. I honestly think he does not want war -- and I honestly think that Romney does.
The debate should have made you feel better, Joe. Personally, I'm not an Obama fan but I thought he won handily last night. Romney lied his face off, tried to come across as a 'moderate/peace hugger' in direct opposition to his Neocon foreign policy advisors and former statements on the Middle East, China's currency pushback, etc. I just loved Mitt's reiteration of:

"I love teachers."

And then, Schieffer's smack down:

"We all love teachers, Governor."

Romney was sweating like a pig and the cheerleading afterwards only underscored a poor performance. McCain presumably stated that when political operatives say: 'he did what he had to do,' it's a clear admission of a fail.

The man is/has been shameless in position distortions/contortions.

Btw, the voting thing in Ohio worries me, too.

Obama is NOT a neocon--he is a neoliberal, which is a hundred times worse.
Susan, there's no doubt that the neoliberal streak infesting both the Democratic and Republican parties is very dangerous and highly destructive. Neoliberalism was Milton Friedman's curse [may he burn in Hell] to the world, creating pain and suffering wherever the economic hatcheting was implemented. Latin America was laid to waste and we're seeing the results in Europe now--Latvia, the great success story. Hah!

But the Neocons have also showed their own destructive belly to the world and very often they
herald the same destructive, extractive and growth to the moon theories, while beating their chests like Vikings. Pointing fingers at the two labels is like choosing the Devil over the Deep Blue Sea.

The choices are very slim. I went 3rd party this year. But honestly? I have the luxury [or penance] of living in a Red State. Obama will not win here. In the hinterlands the stupid trope that the man is a socialist/Marxist/Muslim plays well.

My choice? I want a FDR Democrat in the WH. Too bad they're few and far between. But I certainly would never vote for crazy, which is what the Republicans have decided suits them. And Romney gave a very dishonest performance last night. That may have worked when he streaked in at Bain, leveraging companies up, artificially spiking their stock prices, and then selling the whole shebang off, so he and his honchos made off like bandits.

But it doesn't make the man presidential. Not even close.

Joseph, I noticed the SCYTL article and I am pleased you ran some commentary on it. Here's a couple of links that also appealed to me: -- more SCYTL -- rigged primaries --- Romney - Richard Secord connection (LOL)
I wrote about the Ohio voting machines and the Romney interlocking directorates/campaign folks that own that company yesterday. I found some great links that shows this is Tag's company and it's got some really weird other connections to Bain and Mitten's campaign. You may want to check all the links out.
The voting machine industry gave us the term cover-up and have repeatedly been convicted of various crimes, normally bribing officials to use their machines. With money, allegedly, and not votes.

Daniel Hopsicker did a very interesting investigation into them several years ago, although more famous for terror/assassination/drugwar conspiracy theories.
Also, in relation to Mr Trump, there was a very interesting BBC documentary about his disgusting escapades up in Aberdeen the other day. I think Mr Cannon once referred to watching the occasional bit of British TV.

What neocon has not been a neoliberal? All neocons, as far as I know, promote laissez-fair capitalism which is modified by an exception made for the military-intelligence industry which would have a special exception over laissez-fair policies. Under such a system, the military-intelligence machine would continue to have absolute security of its survival in a monopolous keynesian paradigm similar to the policies of the NSDAP. I think you are misusing the word 'neoliberal' and you may not understand that neoliberalism is an economic ideology and has nothing to do with being a so-called 'liberal' in the social sense (for ex. being pro-choice, pro-LGBTQI, etc.)

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