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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Straight from the pit of Hell

Teabagger favorite Paul Broun, Republican congressman from Georgia, recently offered these words of wisdom on scientific matters:
“All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell,” Broun said. “And it’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”
Naturally, Broun serves on the Science and Technology committee.

Y'know, not so long ago, I used to get comments from people trying to convince me that the Tea Party was really a fine thing. I'm glad that those people no longer show up here.
Okay, speaking from someone who lives in Banjoville, Georgia...I thought of this episode of Family Guy immediately after reading about Paul Broun.

Carl Sagan-Cosmos edited for rednecks

Democrats fiddle while Washington burns. They're like a herd of large slow stupid beasts about to be set upon by jackals. Some of them in the deep blue states will hold onto their gravy pass and that's all they care about. The rest of us get to suffer through the new republican dark age about to descend on America. I mean do you really think that if Obama gets re-elected that he, Pelosi, and Reid will push back against the onslaught of ignorance?
Originally the Tea Party was a bunch of sincere patriots who favored respect for the Constitution, impeachment of GWB, and end to pointless wars, and honest investigations of 9/11. Some of the lefties recognized their kinship with these folks and the unification efforts resulted in a TransPartisan Alliance conference late in 2009.

I considered attending the conference but when I was that Grover Norquist was attending I suspected that the Alliance was about to be poisoned. I was right. Big Money moved in on the Tea Party and kicked out its honest initiators and turned it into the astroturf joke it is today.


Utterly jaw dropping, Ignorant, Fanatical, Imbecilic, Utterly full of shit these "Tea Baggers" are!

We are in deep shit if this virus continues to spread!

Any threats to the status quo that might have been presented by the Tea Party have been nullified by having it taken over by fundamentalist Christians of the toothless Deliverance variety like Rep. Broun of Georgia and Rep. Akins of Missouri. And that doesn't count the truly demented such as Michelle Bachman. The corporations and wealthy individuals who have bankrolled these mental defectives are the real source of evil in our government. In my humble opinion.
Pity his poor patients - God only knows what sort of bizarre "therapies" this medieval troglodyte has inflicted on them.
Anonymous, it's really super simple to insert a pseudonym so we know distinct voices to address. I lament that you neglected to do so because I agree with you. All evil can be traced back to the corporate media whores. Always. they propped up and steered the Tea Party the same as they to this day demonize and belittle the Occupy movement.
Mr Mike, Is there absolutely nothing that you won't turn into an attack on the admittedly toothless Democrats? What the Hell do they have to do with this ignorant asswipe? Do you have nothing to say about that fool?
ralph, I admit Mike goes overboard at times. On the other hand, I remain pissed off at Obama. Not at other Dems, but at Obama.

Actually, the more I look into Obama's record, I think he's been one of the better Republican presidents. But I was hoping for a Democrat.
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