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Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you read the comments on right-wing sites, you'll often encounter people who cite "signage" as evidence that the pollsters have deliberately under-counted Romney supporters. "Everywhere I go, I see yard signs for Mitt Romney. You never see Obama signs around here." That's the kind of thing they say.

And they're right. 

I can't recall the last time I saw an Obama/Biden yard sign in or around Baltimore. Romney signs are relatively common. 

Yet everyone knows that Maryland is as blue as a suffocating Smurf.

Conclusion: The relative dearth of Democratic signage proves only that Dems don't dig signs. Personally, I would never use my car or home to advertise a candidate, just as I would never use my shirt to advertise a beer company or a sports organization.
I have a yard my neighborhood there are only Obama 2012 signs...not one single Romney sign.
And I am in Texas- Austin.
I see more bumper stickers for Obama-but a few Romney's here and there.
I don't like bumper stickers, so I can agree with you on this angle. I would also suggest that these people making these claims are living in upwardly mobile neighborhoods- you know, elitist pricks.
Signs are just signs-not really reflective of how a nation will vote. They are more about the dedication of support than the number of supporters. You have to pay to have an Obama sign in your yard. It's not much, but if you are poor and don't have much cash to throw around- it is probably not something you will be doing.

Not sure about the Romney campaign-do they give their signs away?
In any case, I see most support for Obama-and we all know Texas is a dead in the water-do not bother to campaign state for the Dems.
If you tour the South Side of Chicago, all you will see are Obama signs. It's the "machine" that makes sure everyone has a sign. ( even if you don't want one ) Although you do see some ReThug signs, they are far and few in between. It's when you venture outside of the city proper that things change somewhat.

You tend to see less Obama signs but believe you me,that does not...I REPEAT...DOES NOT mean "Mutt Romney" has a lock on Suburban Chicago! Not by a long shot!!!!!

I'm of the opinion that all this talk of signs etc. is just another example of Political Psy Ops! Make folk "BELIEVE" your candidate is winning by flooding yards with signs ( one tends to believe there is more enthusiasm for a candidate when all they see are signs for said person ) and give the "Illusion" that the candidate is more popular than the opponent.

So I never make an assumption from signs alone.


I wouldn't use the phrase "Rethug"
as long as Obama is drone bombing anyone, as if there is a contrast.
So far we see a lot less signs around here (SW Oklahoma) than in 2008. People seem more interested in getting their Halloween on - lots of ghoulies and ghosties. They probably think the election in OK is a foregone conclusion, and they're probably right. In 2008 not one single district had Obama in the lead; and there will be only 2 names on the 2012 Prez ballot. :-(

There are a ton of Occupy the Vote signs for Obama in Baltimore, which irritate the crap out of me because Occupy isn't endorsing a candidate, even tho Jill Stein would be the closest fit based on her amount of time protesting and getting arrested alone. When I was tooling around Charles Village almost every other house had one.

I'm definitely not a bumper sticker person, but I've seen plenty of cars belonging to progressives who have practically wallpapered their cabooses in "Coexist" bumperstickers and other causes and candidates they champion.
Ken, most GOPers like their bombing just as much as Teh Precious. btw, would you prefer carpet bombing over drone bombing? (Think Vietnam).
I tend to abide by the rules of my host. So as I am a guest here at Joe's place, I will not tell you what I "Really" think of Obama per Joe's rules. Now come see me "AFTER" the election and I will gladly oblige ya!

And I will call the Repugs exactly what they are...REPUGNANT! Thank you very much. :-)
Red Dragon, I swear -- the day after this damned election I am going to get back to the task of telling the world just what I think of Obama.

Lately, I've been using this line:

"Obama? Well, of all the Republican presidents we've had during the past 50 years, he's probably the best. I was just hoping for a Democrat, is all..."
I have a small local business, and there is no way I would ever put a sign up at my home or business advertising my politics. I'm always amazed by the business people who do put signs up; nothing like telling your current and potential customers that you don't really want their money if they don't agree with you. I quit going to my eye doctor and found a new one for that reason.

We live across the street from a business that has already proven themselves to be crappy neighbors (sick of picking up their trash in my yard), and I was completely unsurprised when the Romney sign went up last week. I've been hesitant to complain to local authorities about their uncovered dumpster before, but that won't be a problem now.

Similarly, our local grocery store carries eggs from an area farmer, who insists on branding them with a religious symbol. Why limit your business like that?
The reason I don't have an Obama sign in my yard or on my car is that I don't want to have any retaliation for my views. Cops tend to be Republican, and having an Obama sticker is just asking for a ticket. And a yard sign? The last thing I need is to find a yard full of trash, my house egged or my cars vandalized.
Hey, Joe. I piss everyone off when I call Obama the first Black republican president.

What others have said about having bumper stickers or yard signs, people who vote republican tend to be vindictive. It's not Democrats out there vandalizing family planning clinics. Why risk damage to yourself or your property?

I did have one bumper sticker on my old Dodge that was good for these past 12 years. "I Miss Clinton" It got a lot of thumbs up.
I don't know why there's less Obama signs, but there's unquestionably way less Obama signs here in Delaware. This was not the case in 08, or 04. I think it's attributable to a combination of Obama being the incumbent.

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