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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Screw you, Moulitsas

After the crap they pulled in 2008, Daily Kos has no freakin' right to publish this.

I may consider Romney sufficiently loathesome to justify a vote for Obama this time around, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten or forgiven all those daily references to the "Bush-Clinton crme family." I won't forgive the false accusations of racism. I won't forgive the "doctored video" smear. I won't forgive the actual no-holds-barred death threats against Hillary. I won't forgive the fact that the beasts of Kos never apologized for this shit, which they published on an hourly basis.

I will not allow them to minimize or shrug off the atrocities they committed then. Right now, I am so filled with rage at the Kossacks and their inability to face up to their own vile behavior, that I am this close to asking readers to support Romney.

I will never -- ever -- get over it. The bastards have never apologized. The bastards have never apologized. The motherfucking arrogant smug Obot bastards on Kos never once had the decency to offer one single apology.

    if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.

    Hillary is in this for her own personal power trip, and a sense of entitlement.

    Hillary's gonna lose you feminazi cunts. Do the math, it's over.

    Hillary is a liar and a cunt

    They're all crazy cunts,taze them all!!!!!!

    Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT . . .

    Yo! Cunt!

    the Clinton's squirm and look like the reactionary idiots they are

    it is really the Bush/Clinton crime family.

    Serves you right for putting your faith in the Bush Clinton Crime Family.

    Maybe if Huffington Post existed in 1992 and Americans, especially ALL Democrats were able to understand who and what you are and represent, you would never have become our President. You, sir, are unquestionably, A DOUCHEBAG and a criminal one at that.

    Bush Clinton crime family must be eradicated.

    8 years of being sold out by a DINO clinton is more than enough.

    It has nothing to do with her being a woman, it has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with the clintonian, rovian campaign she ran and the damage she is still doing to the Democratic Party.

    I thought Vince Foster was on the Clinton Body Count list

    The Clinton death list

    The following is a partial list of deaths of persons connected to President Clinton during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas and/or while President of the United States and thereafter. Read the list and judge for yourself...

    Has Hillary ever denouced the bigots who support her?

    Her strategy is CLEARLY to try to amplify racial tensions so she can get more votes. Hillary = Palpatine.

    Not voting for Hillary is blatantly sexist. But voting for her because you just won't vote for a black man is not racist at all. Didn't you get the memo?

    Hillary is enabling racism which is why I could not vote for her. As a black would be like voting for a Nazi sympathizer and apologist if I were a Jew. What amount of self-hatred would I have to have to do that?

    That racist block is the constituency that is keeping her fight alive.

    Barack is all about unity -- he talks about it all the time, so there's no question about whether he wants people who foster divisions associated with his campaign. The thing is, Barack doesn't SAY one thing and ACT in a way that doesn't fit what he said.

    Hillary proved that the White in American racism trumps the FEMaleness in Feminism.

    When the dirty dealing 'sack Barack attack' was launched in New Hampshire and got shifted into high gear in OHIO, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton went fishing in the waters of the KKK and the Aryan nation's pool of most eligibles. Feminism and the Fem movement were the least thing on their Wealthy, White, Elitist, little minds.

    President Elect Obama dose not need Hillary's Help

    Many of her later votes were Rush Limbaugh fans. Others were people voting for her simply because she was white. She played on both of these to the maximum extent possible.

    Her complicite votes, her silence, Her Campaign tactics all point to the fact they are nothing more then covert operatives for the Corps. Once I pulled Up a List of DLC members, I was able to decipher their coded agenda.... Honestly the Clintons cause me as much concern as do the Neo Cons.Their allegiences are the Same and their under handed tactics come from the same playbook (because they are One in the Same).

    She certainly has not been acting like a Democrat. Neither has her husband. I do think she'll try to pull a Lieberman.

    Hillary's supporters are not needed by Obama. He'll have enough votes without them. Those fat old poor white women can go pound salt.

    Yes, please join Rush and McCain asap. The train has left. Catch it.

    ...Message to the base: stay home.

    We can win without them - but only by realizing what is actually at stake, and redoubling our own efforts for grassroots fundraising, volunteering, and being steadfast about our candidate, and our campaign.

    "Do you believe Obama can become President without the votes of folks who support Hillary?"


    good riddance. You *should* leave the party. And people like you.

    good riddance to bad trash, as granny would say.

    The numbers of hysterical, crazed old females who have emotionally latched on to Hillary is simply a phenomenon that can't be denied. I don't know what is causing this but it's REAL and can't be swept under the rug. There's a BIG bunch of unhinged, old white females, far beyond self-embarrassment, who are acting like screeching Hags for Hill.

    Obama does not have a white problem, he has a backwater inbred ignorant racist appalachian hillbilly problem. And we can win without them.

    As for their “threats” not to vote for Obama; I say good rithens. Not only do I not care if these people come around to support Obama or not, I would rather these vile, narrow minded, perpetrators of hate associated with the Democratic party, or Barack Obama.

    I say F*ck 'Em. If they want to split the party and go their own way then more power to them. We don't need their sour grapes. Maybe the Puma's shouldn't be in the party anymore.

    Good bye, good luck, and good riddance.

    Good riddance. I'd prefer working on winning back the greens.

    We can win without them, and we ought to! These are the same voters (perhaps a generation removed) that Nixon's southern strategy, and Reagan announcement speech in philidelphia mississippi declaring a "return to local control", were dog-whistles too...

    These people are not Democrats they are Hillacrats. So I encourage them to vote McCain b/c with party members who are loyal to their candidate first and party second especially when that candidate has done as much as HRC and especially when that opponent is a Republican. We are better off without them, and I could care less who doesn't agree.

    Who cares if older white women stay home? Got news for you. With the coalition Obama has put together we can win without them.

    If they are complicit in assassination tallk by their candidate, who the hell wants their votes in the first place. We can win without them. I suspect not that many will go for McCain as they threaten with a new found power they think they have and if they do, the next book out will be entitled: What Is The Matter With Feminists?

    LEAVE the party and form your own party. I think that a third of the Hillary supporters will either leave the party or stay home in November which is, in the final analysis, good for the Democratic Party because it will “purge” the party of the fetters of conservatism/negativism that keeps the party in disarray.

    Hillary was never more than Bush in a dress, and her supporters were never more than the George Wallace / Joe Lieberman wing of the Party with a large dash of untreated menopausal psychosis.

    It's not about his supporters reaching out or being kind. Hopefully, we can win without them by making sure that we register as many new voters as possible..

    What would be the point of kissing azz for some old hags/bigots? Again, they will not vote for him under any circumstance. He can win without them!!

    Let’s let this voting bloc leave the party once and for all.

    we can win without them. I think Obama puts the Dems in that position.

    I don't see a "conspiracy theory" at all, just a nascent campaign to narrow party definition - the beginnings of a purge that some people would cheer.

    Obama will win AR, FL, MS, NC, and many other states in the South. That’s a fact. He can win states Hillary cannot when all those ‘agents of intolerance’ stay home.

    Hillary supporters, needless Democrats.

    We don't need Hillary's supporters! They can go on and vote for McCain!

    NO UNITY!!!
Now, lets not be all over the map here.

As Clinton herself said, in a somewhat soothing manner, "In the end it will all be ok."

On a Clinton note--I don't have any special insight into things and am not much of a predictor but I believe we will see a Clinton candidacy for President once more. Why?. Well, I'm not quite sure but I think she has had a recent face lift.

And quite a good one.

Not trying to be sexist here --perhaps it is just a general reflection of the voters desire for presidents who look good--after all, there is Obama's minimal tip rhinoplasty.
TO be fair I put the diary together and I have nothing to do with any DKOS people, It just happens to be one of the places I do some blogging. So not 'All' Kos'acks can be vilified as a lot of crap gets posted by a lot of people with a log of agendas.. Unless I 'rec' a post, I dont support it. In the long run I'm honestly not sure on who the correct choice in 2008 would have been, or how the administrations would differ, but for the sake of my daughter, I could not support Romney under any circumstances. Ever.
Righteous rant, Joe. I despise that bought and paid for whore Moulitsas and will NEVER forgive him and his posse from hell for what they did to Bill and Hill and by extension, to all of us.

* I call men sluts/whores, and women pricks/ dicks. It's just my way of being ecumenical. ;-)
The "Daily Kooks" remind me of that kid we all knew. The little asshole who talked shit all day long, snitched on you for anything he thought the teacher would pat him on the head for reporting and once someone ratted him out or punched him in his rat nose he went running to mama claiming that no-one loves him and he doesn't know why!

Oh wait...This is who the "Kooks" grew up to be!

I was "There" when all that shit hit the fan. I was called every fucking name in the book for my support of Hillary. I will NEVER....EVER...forgive nor will I forget what those vile, petulant children acted out nor the garbage they spewed!

I'm with you Joe. I am **This** close to saying fuck it and jumping ship!
Some folks need to grow up a little.

Remember the adage "Cut off your nose to spite your face?"

Well, voting for Romney because an Obama supporter pissed you off would be just as stupid.
Moultisas and his kooks don't give a shit whether you like them. Neither do the DU dudes, or the Journolisters. No one from the now defunct Democratic Party cares how you feel. They just want your vote. They've shoved the Clinton Dems faces in the mud over and over again, and each time, they did it with the confidence that they would have their votes, regardless.

If you want to to hit them where it hurts, you'll find that spot in the voting booth. Hate Romney? Can't vote for him? I totally get that. There are a couple of options other than Barack or Mitt - at least in most states. Of course none of the other candidates stand a chance in hell of winning, but there are worse things than using your vote as a protest against Obama, his nasty supporters, and everything they stand for. JMHO
November 2012, I'm going to do something that the democratic elites that made up the RBC stole from me in May 2008. I'm voting for a female presidential candidate. If the Kossholes and Obots can't muster enough votes to reinstall the Wall Street puppet too bad.

Oh and stickler @ 7:12 you can do as your screen name implies. It's short for STICK it up your butt with a French TICKLER, right?
"I believe we will see a Clinton candidacy for President once more." Bet on it. I pegged those two as being straight out of Machiavelli way back. Hillary will be running as a representative of the war party until both she and Bill have the lids on their boxes nailed down tight. And with their daughter successfully married into Wall Street royalty, the money will always be available. But Romney? I don't want a president who thinks he's living in a science fiction novel, and when this planet is used up we can all just be reincarnated on a new one where Mitt will be king. Or God.
Funny, this reminds me. I was just as mad at Jane Hamsher and FDL for their Hillary bias in 2008.

But I got over it. They have too many good writers over at FDL to ignore them, and many of their warnings about Obama have since turned out to be right on. (Not that Hillary would have been much better. Who knows?)

Kos didn't write all that crap against Hillary you cited. And he didn't post this birthday card. Now, if you're saying he should have kept better control over his unruly flock in 2008, I suppose that's a reasonable expectation. Even that dork John McCain knows how to draw a line. I can understand your annoyance at the birthday card, too. But please don't have a heart attack over it, okay?
I will never -- ever -- get over it. The bastards have never apologized. The bastards have never apologized. The motherfucking arrogant smug Obot bastards on Kos never once had the decency to offer one single apology.

Couldn't agree more. And what a bunch of crap: we don't know if Hillary would have been any better than Obama. YES WE DO! YES SHE WOULD HAVE. Any one who couldn't clearly see that isn't qualified to vote.

The only valid post from them for her birthday would have been an apology. Screw them all for screwing us out of a chance for a competent president.
I with Joe. I'll never get over it. I was on the thread at the Confluence the night the PUMAS were formed and I'm still one, tho I will vote for Teh Precious over Myth Rmoney. A Clinton presidency would have accomplished much more in the first two years since they clearly understand the GOP and would not have believed their biparti8san crap.
Joseph isn't blaming Moulitsas for the birthday post -- he is blaming Daily Kos and he refers to "them" not "him" in his complaint above. The collective is clearly blamed for continuing to disrespect Hillary Clinton. I personally found those three shots of her striped crotch kind of offensive and I wondered why they were there when there were so few pictures of her in the intervening years, the rest of the pictures are of current Hillary. I think the person who posted them was covering all bases and aiming for irony in case others slagged him for being postive toward her.
Romney is too scarey to vote for! You're right -- so I'll vote third party, as I have in six of the ten elections for which I've been eligible to vote. I will never forgive or forget, and since I live in Michigan, where the cool popular kid got all the primary votes even though he pulled his name off the ballot, I'll never vote for him -- he made it clear he doesn't need my vote.

As long as TP-ers and progs (two sides of the same coin) continue to buy into the BS about "lesser of two evils," we will continue to see evil in the White House and Congress.
Just so you guys know, I didn't click on the link to Kos because I refuse to spin his hit counters.

You guys remember how after the maximum Knee-Padding they did for Obie, Kos didn't get any advertising $$$?

They eve whined about it, that should have been their firs clue he was doing them up the butt.
Splendid rant!

They're not chanting "We can win without them" this time around, are they?

--NW Luna

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