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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MITT LIES! The ultimate expose!

Finally! Here it is -- my entertaining-yet-scholarly expose of Mitt Romney's many, many, MANY lies during Debate 1. There's stuff in here that nobody else has caught. I wish I could label this list exhaustive, but it isn't. If I missed any choice examples of Mitt-esque mendacity, feel free to one-up me. I dares ya.

And yeah, I know that this compilation has arrived a bit late; right now, everyone is thinking about the upcoming Biden/Ryan match. Frankly, the idea of making this video did not occur to me until some days after Romney's alleged "triumph." The sequels should come together rather more speedily.

Please distribute! Tell everyone about this presentation! If you want to watch it in glorious, cosmic, near-Cinerama HD, go to YouTube here. I'm not particularly happy with the lower-resolution encoding seen above, but it'll do.

So the question is -- can we truly say that Mitt Romney won this debate? Obama looked tired, and he didn't punch back. Obama now says that he "was just too polite." Yet content and honesty must count for something.
Excellent work.

I am of a mind that the public just does not care one way or the other. As long as the election has all the sophistication of an "American Idol" contest that's good enough for them.

You can lie, twist, contort, walk back, flip flop, deny, but as long as you "look good, sound strong" whatever b.s. you are promoting at that moment stands as a "win".

This is what makes it so frustrating for those of us who follow this stuff to discover that one night out of an 18 month marathon of lie upon lie, the "win" is given to a guy who couldn't tell the truth if his life depended upon it.
That's the very best takedown I've seen anywhere. Bravo!!!!!

I will definitely share it. Thank you.
Great production values, very good material as well.

One point you make is wrong, although you state facts correctly in your rebuttal.

Romney referred to the publicly held part of the national debt, not the total debt. (The difference is what is owed 'to ourselves' in the various large trust funds.)

On that technical measure, which is no one's idea of 'the national debt,' or happier days would be here already (just $9 trillion? Great!) Obama's time in office does indeed show an approximately 100% increase. So he's right as he couched his claim as to the publicly held portion of the national debt, that it has increased as much under Obama as previously existed under all prior presidents combined.

(Not my discovery, but PoltiFact or another number cruncher that admitted this was true even as they called Romney's claim false.)

Even that is misleading, as the publicly held part of the debt was paid DOWN some $500 billions or more under Clinton's later year surpluses.

Agreed, good work. I'm sharing it with other people I know.
Joseph, I commend you on a very well done video. I'm impressed. You've convinced me to vote for Barack Obama, I will no longer be voting for Jill Stein out of fear that such votes would in anyway assist Willard Romney into a electoral victory. Congrats to you.
Congrats on getting this featured on Josh Marshall's TPM site. Well deserved.

Take a bow brother Cannon! Awesome piece of work!
XI -- first I've learned of the TPM thing. Can you tell me where you saw it?

your video is featured here at this link

the article title on TPM is 'You Should Watch This Video'. Where Josh Marshall writes "Just watch it. Under the fold …"
Like I said, and I cannot stress the gravity of this enough, it was your video that convinced me to vote for Barack. You are the reason I'm voting for him. Your video is the best thing I've seen to come out of the debates. Period. I'm convinced more now than ever that Willard is a piece of fucking shit liar that must be opposed and defeated at any cost. That son of a bitch is a viper.
Thanks Jay. Wow. That video was posted to both Kos and TPM. 2012 is sure a lot different from 2008...
Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast posted this too!

30 thousand views! I think that qualifies as viral.
Excellent work Joe! Obama and Biden should watch it ;-)
The video is now included in David Atkins's post at Digby's blog too.

I posted it at kos, but I might not have been the only one. As I said, it's good work and worth sharing.

Some material for your next video.
10-12-2012 9:36 p.m.(CDT)
Your "Mitt lies" video on Youtube shows 652 views and zero comments. What's up with that?

Nevemind,using the- -link it shows over 39,000 views.

There are two postings of the video on YouTube. One is embedded in the post and has only 700 views. The other ("HD") version is LINKED in the text. That's the one that was published by national blogs and on Facebook, and has going on 50K views.
Thanks, Michael, for clearing that up.
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