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Friday, October 19, 2012

I have to think about something else...

This happens to me in every election cycle: I reach a point where the only news stories I can bear to look at contain the word "poll." All other information is meaningless. Even stories about the latest antics of Obama and Romney have value only insofar as they may or may not move the numbers; the antics have no interest in and of themselves. If a nuke took out a small town in Arizona, the first thought to enter my brain (after "Oh my God!" and "Those poor people!") would be "How will this affect the polls?"

2008 was easier on me, since I sort of, kind of, vaguely, provisionally wanted McCain to win, even though his loss was inevitable. This year is different. As noted in earlier posts, I haven't grown to love Obama. But I loathe Mitt Romney. He is, by far, the oiliest liar ever to get this close to the highest office within my lifetime -- and I'm old enough to recall Nixon.

I probably should do a video about the second debate, but that task may be pointless. Right now, I'm looking for a way not to think about polls. Any suggestions?

Well...lets see.

Read any good books lately?

If you need a poll fix- I would only rely on Nate Silver for that:

He has his eyes on all polls and so far, he has been the only person I can respect. He understands all polling methods and is honest enough to deliver the truth.
I agree with Anon above, Joe. If you have to check the polls [which can absolutely drive you nuts], rely on the Nate Silver numbers for reliability. He does appear to have the best and most honest gauge on what's going on out there in the hinterlands, the fluctuations up and down and is willing to tell it like it is without the constant spin.

I dont think Mitt is an oily liar. I think he is a dumbass liar. I am astonished the american media isnt calling out his gratuitous tax lies. Its just so weird. All I can hear when he outlines his plans is that my tax rate is gonna go up quite sharply. And the punchline at the end of saying a bunch of things which will inevitably increase my tax rate while reducing the tax rate for people with over 20mn is that " I will not raise taxes". Dear lord help us from this cow manure.

I'm astonished that anyone that's ever worked in the corporate sector would even consider voting for Romney. He's the stereotype of every BMW-driving, self-centered, and thoroughly dishonest CEO that expects everyone else to be their servant they can fire at will.

Also - when has a President out of the corporate-sector ever worked out? Seriously. Lincoln was a railway lawyer; Teddy Roosevelt and FDR were aristocrats with distinguished public service, Truman came out of the public sector, likewise Eisenhower, etc. Not one successful American President has ever been a CEO - so why do people think it will work out this time?

This conceit, that corporate experience somehow magically qualifies somebody to be President, is perhaps the biggest and longest-lasting GOP con-job of all.
how to avoid thinking about the polls...
Just whip out your pecker and replicate your very (very) sick cartoon of Obama four years ago.
I thank all that is possibly holy for The Confluence, and a couple of other places, such as the Black Agenda Report. Lifelines amongst all the bedwetting over who is going to win this awful but inconsequential election.

I will just add it pains me not to do more to support Jill Stein, but I'm completely worn out jumping hoops to secure my new home...
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