Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't blame (or credit) Gloria

This meme is really starting to bug me:
Gloria Allred’s ‘October Surprise’: Mitt Romney Lied Under Oath to Help Staples Founder Keep Money From Wife in Divorce?
It was never "Gloria Allred's" surprise. That notion began with Matt Drudge, who -- it is now clear -- hoped to sic the attack dogs on the wrong party. And now Fox News is leading the misinformation crusade.

The fight to unseal those court records is being waged by the Boston Globe. The newspaper started this, not the attorney. Allred is simply representing one of the parties in that divorce fight. As far as I can see, Allred has done nothing more than convey her client's assent to having those records revealed. Any number of other attorneys could have done likewise.

Anyone who starts blathering on about why he or she doesn't like Gloria Allred is trying to mislead you. Of course, right-wing propagandists would rather direct a rage campaign against a feminist lawyer than against a newspaper.

Yeah--that was being reported in the beginning. If you read the comments on the Globe site (which had the early -most reliable articles), you read lots of negative comments towards the Globe-so it is no secret, just the fact that Allred jumped into the story took over. I can't really figure out why she jumped into the story. Maybe she figured women would pay more attention, which is the only real faction this news will have an affect with.
Either that or maybe she is trying to help with the documentary?
To take this out of the realm of "Gloria Allred is a feminazi" and put it into its proper context of corporate greed and soullessness, you might want to check for a discussion of parallels between this case and another high-dollar divorce case where the wife was screwed over by her CEO husband.
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