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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can't we all just vote today and have done with it?

This diseased warthog of an election can't end fast enough. Two more weeks is intolerable. Each waking hour, I feel compelled to seek out stories like this one by Nate Silver. Great work -- yet it churns my stomach. We're all sick of polls and analyses of polls and the spinning of polls and the criticizing of polls and the chewing of polls and the spitting of polls and the dissection of polls and the pallor of polls and the putrescence of polls. We're sick of the people who say that polls are paramount and of the people who say that polls don't matter.

I'm actually looking forward to whatever rabbits Donald Trump and/or Gloria Allred may pull out of their hats. At least they won't talk about polls.

Odd's hard to find any writer, right or left, who believes that The Donald has made a serious discovery. I predict that his announcement will shake the nation to its core. Lightning will flash and statues will bleed and newborn infants will recite from the Kalevala in Finnish. Why do I say such things? Because nobody else is saying such things and I want to be different.
Yup. I too am sick of the endless political attack ads.

Sick of the endless Polls stacked on top of Polls in an endless sea of Polls!

Sick of the mind numbing verbal excrement from pundits that supposedly have their hands on the "pulse" of the community yet would never be caught dead in the company of the unwashed masses!

Sick of the media's refusal to hold either candidate accountable for. their actions and policies And as in Romney's case, his raiding healthy companies. Saddling them with debt. Extracting millions from the corpse and then dumping the carcass on his way to another feeding frenzy. Not to mention his company's prolific outsourcing of American Jobs.

Sick of Debates...
Sick of campaign slogans...
Sick of the lies..

But most of all...

I've had it up to my ears with Mitt Romney!
I'M sick of him!
I'm sick of his wife!
Sick of his coward ass sons! ( Like serving your church is akin to serving in the military? Really? )
Sick of his sneers...etc etc etc.

I'm of the opinion that this mind numbing barrage is done on propose. If you can make folks sick of either candidate, you can make folk sick of the process thereby depressing the vote!

What say you brother Joe?
You just live in the wrong state, Joseph. Early voting started yesterday here in Colorado ;-)
Red Dragon, I am in fact sick. As in, I have an intestinal bug -- something I ate. But also sick for the same reasons you are sick. I creep off back to my cave. LoL
Y'know, Red Dragon -- it's odd. Not so long ago, neither you nor I could stand Barack Obama. Isn't it amazing that this country managed to whelp up a politician so dispiriting that he actually makes Obama look GOOD?

(In comparison. Always in comparison.)
We have what is probably Mitt Romney's best ad so far... "Apology Tour":
Speeking of Kreep, a tbagger I voted for, Kreep, nationally known for challenging the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, has clinched a seat on the San Diego Superior Court. BECAUSE I FAILED TO GOOGLE ON EVERY UNKNOWN NAME ON THE BALLOT. Do not get creeped out Google 'em if'n you don't know them.

Hahaha...I still dislike Obama but I "DESPISE" Romney! So yes, it's amazing how someone I had an extreme aversion to can now be seen as an attractive alternative!
You need to see this inspired bit of absurdity, Joseph. It's good for a few minutes distraction.
The donald surprise is supposedly a copy of a divorce filed by Obama or something like that. It was news on facebook like 8 hours ago.
ah, found the gawker link for you:

This was the original one released earlier today.

who cares?
What RedDragon & Joseph said. I'm voting tomorrow but no burden will be lifted and I will Munchscream into a dark and formless void and will not emerge until a victor is declared. Still loathing Obama, still voting for him.
We can't just all vote because we have to spend a billion dollars on TV ads in the next two weeks, which put the TV news reporters in the position of telling us the election is a cliffhanger even if it's not, because their fiduciary duty to the shareholders demands that it be a cliffhanger.
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