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Thursday, October 11, 2012


9:08 -- Ryan's first definite lie! The Cairo thing. And Biden called it a bunch of malarky! YEAH!

9:09 -- Biden didn't correct Ryan on the Cairo embassy announcement, which Ryan wrongly said was form "the administration."

9:10 -- Ryan looks like he's way out of his depth here. When did Obama ever apologize for "our values"?

9:12 -- I think it's fine if Ryan appears more bellicose on Iran.

9:16 -- Biden is doing great. I hope Ron Paul was right when he said that the peace candidate always wins.

9:17 -- Biden just explained nukes simply. Not easy to do! And he made it clear that Iran is not close to having a nuclear weapon.

9:19 -- God damn, but Biden is doing well.

9:21 -- Did Ryan just mis-hear the signal from his ear-receiver?

9:22 -- Actually, the nuclear arms race started with Israel.

9:23 -- I hope Biden mentions that most of the stimulus was tax cuts.

9:24 -- 47 percent. Biden went there.

9:25 -- And suddenly a whole bunch of Dems wish they had backed Biden in 2008.

9:30 -- Get out of the way. Good line. Biden stumbled a bit there, but now he's coming back.

9:31 -- Why the hell doesn't Biden mention Bush? Play the Bush card! Why doesn't Biden tell the truth about the stim? It was TAX CUTS and tax cuts don't work.

9:32 -- This is great!

9:34 -- Ryan dares to talk up Social Security and Medicare and yet he's a disciple of Ayn Rand? Outrageous.

9:35 -- Now Ryan is talking about the 700 billion "cut" from Medicare -- which Ryan himself proposed!

9:37 -- Biden is doing it perfectly, except he should have mentioned that the 700 billion was Ryan's idea.

9:38 -- I like the way Biden addresses the camera.

9:39 -- Okay, Biden interrupted too much.

9:40 -- Bill Maher says: "Hello 911? There's an old man beating up a child on my TV."

9:42 -- Oh, that's good. Raddatz forced Ryan to defend his link to W.

9:45 -- Biden is good on the tax cuts for the wealthy.

9:46 -- Woah -- Biden should not have credited a middle class tax cut to Bush.

9:48 -- Ryan just referenced that crappy right-wing study again.

9:49 -- There's that six other studies meme again. Nobody has discredited the Tax Policy Center.

9:50 -- Yeah. Biden is destroying him!

9:51 -- YES! He mentioned the mortgage deduction!

9:52 -- Jack Kennedy cut very high taxes, yes. But he didn't find anything like those deductions!

9:53 -- Ryan won't talk about the home mortgage deduction. That means that Romney plans to go there.

9:54 -- Ryan won't address the increased budget for the military.

9:55 -- The cuts are part of the sequester.

9:57 -- This ought to be bad for Biden: Afghanistan. But Ryan isn't going to win this round.

10:00 -- "We are leaving." I hope this goes over well. The money savings should help. But Biden should paint the Republicans as warmongers.

10:01 -- Ryan keeps ducking the conditions issue that Raddatz keeps hitting home.

10:02 -- Biden just mounted an excellent defense for a timeline. I think this will work.

10:04 -- Ryan is finally not seeming like such an idiot. But Biden's comeback was good.

10:08 -- Again, Biden is coming across as the peace candidate on Syria. I hope that sells well. I think it will.

10:12 -- Why doesn't Ryan mention who the freedom fighters are?

10:13 -- Ryan has said that he would not send troops in for humanitarian reasons. In other words, he would have let the Holocaust happen.

10:14 -- Two RCs on abortion.

10:15 -- Ryan is anti-abortion because of "reason and science"?

10:16 -- Obamacare assaults the religious freedom of our country? BS!

10:18 -- Biden is doing a great job of refuting the nonsense about an assault on the church.

10:19 -- Ryan has just contradicted himself about abortion and rape.

10:23 -- Biden isn't really addressing the issue of partisan rancor.

10:24 -- Ah, this is bad. Ryan is making Obama out to be non-compromising mad attack dog. Just not true, but Biden has wound down, and I don't think he will attack this.

10:25 -- Ryan is hitting hard here. I hope Biden isn't tuckered out.

10:29 -- Biden sounds tired, but he's picking up speed.

10:30 -- And now it is Ryan's chance to lie. And boy is he ever lying. I counted four in one sentence.

Biden should have said that the Romney team will simply be Dubya redux. Ryan lied, but he carried himself well toward the end. All told, though, I would say that this was a clear Biden win.
Biden should have been president, not that arrogant neolib. I wouldn't be voting third party this year if this were the case.

Biden is eating Ryan alive. Not even close. Too bad there aren't three VP debates and one presidential debate.
I feel the same as Susan.

Of the 4 guys involved in the 1st 2 debates we've seen a salesman (Romney), a lecturer (Obama) a leader (Biden) and a wonk who's a salesman in training.
Did you notice that Ryan's American flag lapel pin was TWICE the size of Biden's?
Joey brought it home! Obama should be on his knees in gratitude.

Ryan looked like a fish out of water, a minnow at that! Joe Biden did what Obama should have done last week but didn't--he called out Ryan and the GOP's dishonesty on issue after issue. He stood firm with the middle class over the Billionaire's Boy Club and he looked into the camera and said to the electorate: use your common sense, what side of things do you think the Romney/Ryan ticket really represents? Certainly not the working man and woman. Not the veteran or the elderly or the disabled or the children. And God knows, they do not support the majority of American women.

Doesn't mean I'm still not mad as hell at the Obama crew for all the unkept promises and excuses, all the compromises with the monied class and the piss-poor performance in restoring Rule of Law in our financial markets--they have a lot to answer for.

But Romney/Ryan? The electorate might as well put a gun to its collective head!

The Republican spin on this debate is beyond hilarious. They lost tonight. Big time! Ryan was in way over his head. It showed.

Peggy Sue
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