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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bain is still outsourcing jobs to China

Here's an important story I should have mentioned earlier. Many thanks to Skydancing, which offers a lot more information.

I think it is both important and a little misleading to talk about the question of how much influence Romney still has with Bain. Undeniably, he set the corporate tone. He made Bain, just as Frankenstein made that monster.

Joseph, thanks for pulling my attention toward this. Related to it, I really think you should check out the documentary, Detropia. It's a eulogy to the city of Detroit and a glimpse of what I think the future holds for the rest of the US of A. See this link for a trailer and description
I am pretty sure Romney is trying to wash his hands of this --he donated some Sensata stock to charity last year (tax filings). But--the thing is we don't know how much stock he actually holds in Sensata, he could still have stock in Sensata and simply did this for show.
Bain is still offshoring.

Obama is still assassinating:

Plus ├ža change...
Isnt he still the largest beneficial owner of Bain? Through family trusts. I guess the point of such arrangements is to obscure. I am surprised the American people dont find this kind of deliberate obstruction of truth a turnoff in a presidential candidate.

The problem here is Mitt actually has divided loyalties, and that disqualifies him from the presidency.

You can't be blathering about outsourcing when you are still benefiting from it. Mitt cannot be trusted on anything concerning the economy since he personally profits from trade agreements and so on.

Mitt is a parasite and represents what has been wrong with this country over the past thirty years.
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