Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After Sandy

Millions of people have no power, and our TV screens convey surreal images of flooded coastal towns. God only knows how they'll bring down that dangling crane in NYC. All our thoughts go toward those hit hard by this storm. Fortunately, there have been few casualties, thanks to advanced preparation.

Our household got through without a problem -- somewhat to my surprise. The only difficult part was trying to walk the dog...

Pastors and priests have told their flocks that Hurricane Sandy is God's punishment for gay marriage. The millions who believe that sort of thing will scoff if you suggest that man-made climate change might have helped create the Frankenstorm. That idea is just goofy.
Relieved to hear you and Bella came through all right. Still waiting to hear from a friend in the D.C. area.
So--missing California yet? although at least with a hurricane there's ample advance warning, unlike earthquakes.

I almost envy you, though. We have a woeful dearth of natural disasters here in New Mexico, other than drought and the inevitable spring windstorms. Boooring...
Here in central PA, it was basically a lot of worrying about nothing. Some rain, a bit of wind, but no flooding and no trees down or damage to speak of (though supposedly it's not over just yet). Just south of where I live, however, something like 17,000 people are without power. That is expected to be remedied by the end of the day though. It does appear to have been a major disaster for a lot of coastal areas though. Glad to hear all is well with you Joseph.
From the Alabama triangle (Harrisburg, York, Lancaster) wind, rain, flickering lights. Some power outages in town. We got lucky.
For us, this was loads easier than this summer's derecho. We only lost power for 9 hours...but it's not over yet with so many trees in weakened state.

My heart goes out to those in NYC, especially the queens borough. 80 homes burned down, the fire fueled by winds. :/ A lot of clean-up and rescue left for that city. Subways and power down; hospital evacuation; who knows what else. I would not like to be trapped in a high rise with no power...!
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