Saturday, September 22, 2012

Women for Mitt

The one in front looks like it's that time of the month.

Missouri: "The don't show me" State.
Hey Joe,
Did you look into the Romney tax returns? In the nearly 400 pages, I could not locate an actual signature by Ann or Willard Romney. The only signature is from the preparer from Price Waterhouse- signed on 9/17/2012. How come people are so quick to assume this is an official document submitted to the IRS? He has about 3 more weeks to submit for late filing. Unless someone can show me his signature, I believe this is just some political prop that they are using to show people that Romney actually paid his taxes and then some.

Some people have also noted that he is claiming 9 million less of an income this year-that's quite a loss in contrast.
Okay, Joe, so how's about you post a pic of YOU during your "time of the month?"

(It's long been my contention that, while us wimmins has our "moons," as my Injun friends call it, men are on the rag pretty much 24/7.)
It looks like there's one - ONE. LOL, this campaign looks to be the most pathetic of my lifetime.
LoL, you have revealed my secret. If ever my posts seem unusually surly, presume that I'm bleeding from my penis.
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