Friday, September 21, 2012

The bulge is back, baby!

Remember the Bush bulge, first seen during the initial Dubya-Kerry debate? That meme started here. The science of bulge-spotting continues. Note these pictures from last night's debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren...

Now, let's use a subtler version of the same sharpening techniques first employed by the Bush-era bulge-ologists:

Hee hee hee hee. Try the experiment for yourselves, kids. Hone your talents -- we have some Obama/Romney debates coming up. (And before you say it: No, I never did take this stuff all that seriously. But fun is fun.)

Update: Speaking of comebacks -- our old friend Red Dragon is blogging again. Excellent!
Some reason I am reminded of puppets on a string.....
Warren's jacket doesn't look particularly suspicious. The top she's wearing under the jacket could have a zipper in the back. (But I'm no bulge expert.)
Fear the Bulge!!!!
What you have to look out for is that Borg-like cochlear implant thingie, like Rush Limbaugh has stuck in his skull.
Every future politician is born with a bullshit gland which is located in the middle of the upper back. During debates this gland becomes particularly active, often noticeably bulging in response to this increased activity.
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