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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Romney likely to win, ban abortions

On "Meet the Press," Mitt Romney said -- explicitly -- that he will appoint judges who will overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Previously, I always presumed that the Republicans secretly liked things the way they are, since legal abortion has a powerful GOTV effect on the conservative base. But Mitt needs to appease his base, and this is how he's going to do it.

He has also said that the bipartisan debt reduction deal was a huge mistake. Without that deal, we would now be in a worse-than-Greece situation.

Romney has suggested that Obama wants to take the word "God" off our coins. Obama never said a word along those lines.

I know that many of my readers can't stand Obama. Hell, I still haven't exactly warmed up to the guy. But only a GOP troll would rationalize away the importance of the the abortion and debt reduction issues.

On another topic: Will an ultra-conservative Constitution Party candidate siphon votes away from Romney in Virginia? Previously, I had thought that Obama had no chance in that state, but now...well, maybe.

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The Rachel Maddow clip embedded above doesn't get to the Virginia situation until about the half-way mark. Before that point, she gives us a lot of horse-race stuff -- and everything she says points to one unspoken truth: Romney is restricting his campaign only to those states where the Republicans control the Secretaries of States, who will no doubt game the system.

Ohio is key. And with John Husted in control of that state's election, I don't see how Romney can lose.
Gregory did his usual shitty job. He did get Romney to be somewhat specific about his math. He knows his voodooecon doesn't tally, so his new meme is that he won't lower taxes on the very wealthy, just the middle class. 'YOU' people need to understand he and Ann have empathy for your plight, and they only want Mitt to win because he cares about you.

America needs a hard-right third party. Like the LibDems in the UK, who every election split the anti-Tory vote (until the next election, which I expect to be an extinction-level event for the LibDems) a right wing third party could split the right-wing vote and allow a bit more "left-wing" electoral success.

As for abortion, I'm pretty sure Mitt is all talk. He gains nothing by actually banning it but lots by claiming he will do, QED.
Nobody to blame but Obama for this. When he had majorities in the House and Senate he could have done great things but settled for mediocrity and a health insurance industry bailout. A Bill or Hillary would have banged the spineless fool Democrats into line and got meaningful legislation thru Congress.

Movie title:

When Harry met Nancy: A story about the disintegration of the Democratic Party.

You know with this banning abortion thing Willard might have sewn up the Black and Catholic vote. If he comes out against same sex marriage and promises a ban on that he'll cement that support.
Actually, the opposite is true re God and Obama. after all, he had Rev. Wright "bring me to Jesus" as he put it, only after he was laughed out of Chicago and told maybe he could help organize the community if he was part of the community. And during the Dem convention he forced the word "God" back into the platform over very vocal protest.

All political maneuvers.
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