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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Obama will FORCE you into gay marriage!

Here's a pro-Romney ad so infuriating -- and hilarious -- that it will probably be embedded on more liberal blogs than conservative ones. The music, the line deliveries, the ham-fisted dialogue: Everything about this tiny cinematic masterpiece is priceless. (But couldn't they have worked in some reference to "Adam and Steve"?)

This spot is almost as funny as the gay wedding scene in the Laurel and Hardy version of Babes in Toyland. If you haven't seen it, you'll never forget Stan's reaction at the end:

I forget who said it so I can't give proper credit: It is not Adem and Steve, never Adam and Steve: It is Adam and Stephen."


LOL funny more like it.

I can see somebody dubbing all sorts of inappropriate dialog over it.

"Honey, Obama is going to force us all to do anal! I only voted for men's room oral."
Mitt Romney did not approve that message. That could actually be a gay pac posing as a conservative pac.

Either way, it's a whackanoodle pac that created the ad, not Romney's war room.
What I continue to find infuriating about the gay marriage issue is I don't care what religious conservatives think about gay marriage, nor do I care what intelligent, well to do gays think about gay marriage.

I care about how the trenchers feel. The heteros who never got married out of fear of having to raise a kid and either not being able to afford it, or not being sure they could find the right partner, and the heteros who ended up divorcing because the kids changed their personal relationship too much.

I want to hear about social security issues. Are there going to be Gay marriages that last exactly ten years then divorce, ensuring the non working spouse of social security benefits?

Because Gays can CHOOSE whether to adopt or just not get pregnant, they should have stiffer rules for qualifying for government benefits.

However, that then brings up the issue of heteros who marry after child bearing years, or those who cannot medically conceive, why should they get more consideration than a gay couple?

It's a wonderfully complicated issue that has been turned into a caricature conundrum featuring evangelical's in one corner and betrayed gays in the other corner, and HUGE throngs of others who aren't being considered, or asked what they think.
As you know, Sandro, I've always tended to steer clear of the gay marriage issue, since I'm no huge fan of marriage in general.

It's an interesting question as to whether or not the PAC that created this ad coordinated with the Romney campaign secretly. I LOVE the idea that this could be a gay group having a bit of fun at Romney's expense. If that were the case, though, I would expect to see a "tell."

At any rate, it IS funny.
This is actually an inept political move for a reason not obvious at first. There's a subculture of us out here that no one will marry under any circumstances and I'm finding the idea of someone being forced into it appealing.
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