Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More ominous signs that election rigging may be in the offing

The problem with rigging an election is not, these days, technical. As this blog has shown in the past, and as Brad Friedman has never tired of demonstrating, voting machines make all sorts of trickery possible. The problem is the polling. If the election results differ from the results predicted by pre-election polls (and exit polls), then the public will know that the game has been rigged.

There's one way to combat this problem: Mount a propaganda campaign designed to call the polls into question -- to suggest, in the public mind, that all of our polling organizations have conspired to make Barack Obama appear more popular than he actually is. In the preceding post, we noted some signs that just such a propaganda campaign is underway.

Here's another.

Here's another.

Here's another.

Here's another. Let's quote a bit from this one, just to give you a flavor of what we're dealing with:
Not only will Mitt Romney win come November, I predict he will win by at least 5 percentage points (if not more) over Barack Hussein Obama.


The polls being conducted these days are over-sampling Democrats, and are over-sampling Democrats ala 2008, for one. Political pundit Dick Morris has stated that if the polls were honest, Romney has an actual nationwide lead over Obama.
Finally, here's another example.

Why would all of our major polling organizations injure their reps by offering deliberately dishonest results? Because -- in the words of the site at the other end of that last link -- "powerful interests" want it that way.

And they call me a conspiracy theorist...

If you want an explanation as to why the GOP's favorite new meme is wrong, see here and here. But the reality of the situation doesn't matter: This is a propaganda campaign. The public mind is being prepped.
We must never forget that 2004 was the first year in history that polling and exit data were "wrong" about predicting the winner. And that the surprise result was hatched behind illegally locked doors in Ohio.

Between vote suppression and vote rigging, democracy is moot. It doesn't matter what the electorate gleans about particular issues from MSNBC or Fox News (or Cannonfire). Unless the media makes fair elections issue #1, the rest is a charade.
Next you're gonna suggest that President Putin's election win was questionable.

Some people are just so cynical.

What Trojan Joe said. Key points.

In 2004, when the exit polls didn't match up with the vote, it was Dick Morris crying out that the exit polling companies should be investigated for election fraud!! I'm reading Mark Crispin Miller's 'Fooled Again.' Interesting stuff.
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