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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I have to admit...

...I saw a lot of talent at the convention tonight. They almost made me believe -- but I'm still voting against Romney, and not for Obama.

Frankly, I now wish the person at the top of the ticket was Deval Patrick. Or Tammy Duckworth. Or Ted Strickland. Or my new governor, Martin O'Malley. Or Julian Castro. (Or Julian Castro's mother.) Or Lily Ledbetter. (Seriously: Find an office she can run for.) Or, lord help me, Michelle. Damn it, she was good.

Even Rahm Emanuel spoke well. But I still detest him.

For my part, I thought Patrick did the most impressive job, especially when he outlined Romney's rotten record as governor. It was pretty obvious, though, that Patrick was delivering the opening speech of his own presidential run.

In the meantime, the Republicans are telling themselves that Democrats hate God. Strange. I heard God mentioned quite a bit tonight -- rather too often, to be frank. It's a political convention, not a revival meeting.  
Just don't mention Cory Booker, that fraud of a "Democrat."

The Democrats have ALWAYS had the best speakers.

However, unlike years gone by, talk is cheap. We need ACTION.
Thank all that is holy I was at a kickoff event tonight honoring a master artist of the 20th century instead of watching this swill.

I was thinking about Duval Patrick recently; about how everyone rushed in to defend Obama for jacking Patrick's spiel about "just words." I can't imagine anyone else getting a free pass for lifting another pol's speech verbatim without crediting the source. I saw Patrick's "just words" speech in person. He wasn't my candidate in the primary for substantial reasons, but that was a cute effective spiel...the first time around. He's actually exactly what people always erroneously claim Obama is, eloquent. I certainly wouldn't wish he were the candidate this go round, given how many other true fighters we have out there.

I mentioned in another post Ron Wyden, who is taking lumps in this political season. Check out how he's stood alone and defended internet freedom, for one thing. The precious sloganeers don't move me. The independent fighters true to ideals, do.

I don't accept that Democrats hate God as such. Some of them just hate the Republican God(s) of War, Money and Ethnic Superiority. From a moral perspective far-righters are in the same neighborhood as Neitzschean pantheists, never having grasped the idea that God might be kind.

I could be very wrong on this and it will upset me if I meet God and his arm is covered with swastika tattoos.
Fool me > 2 times = how much shame on me.?

The effectiveness of the speeches at the Democratic National convention will be measured by to volume of the screeches emanating from AM Hate Radio.
The best speech of the night was Ted Strickland's by a mile. Deval Patrick has the chops to do oratory, but his material wasn't as good as Strickland's.

Strickland's was the best I have heard in many years, right up there with the oratory of Mario Cuomo and Tom Harkin.
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