Friday, September 21, 2012

Homer votes for Romney

I bet Homer is in the 47% -- yet nevertheless believes that Obama raised his taxes.

On the other hand, if Obama pulls off a victory, that'll be the third presidential election that Bill Clinton has won. Clinton's convention speech was the moment I first told myself "Maybe Romney doesn't have this one in the bag..."

Clinton's continuing popularity may explain why they're paying Monica Lewinski $12 million for yet another tell-all book. Apparently, she needs money, so she's earning it the old-fashioned way -- by pulling a Judy Exner, "remembering" salacious details she never mentioned before. Maybe her recovered memories will include something about Bill Clinton making secret deals with communist Chinese agents. If she follows the Exner path, around 2035, she'll be "remembering" even more juicy details in yet another book, presuming books still exist.

Please understand that I always liked Monica and I would never blame anyone for trying to make a buck.
Homer smokes, doesn't he? Obama raised cigarette taxes ;-)
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