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Sunday, September 02, 2012

God is dead...

...and I do not weep.

Now let's have a big blast of truth about what the Moonie empire was really about. For example: Why was Neil Bush at that big Moon shindig in 2005? Why did Bob Dole and George W. Bush participate in Moon's ludicrous "Tear Down the Cross" day? Why was Moon "crowned" in that bizarre ceremony held in the Senate's Dirkson office building? What is his connection to Apocalypse-peddler Tim Lahaye? Why and how did he gain access to the fortune of Japanese fascists Roichi Sasakawa and Yoshio Kadama? What are his links to the World Anti-Communist League, the John Birch Society, Grover Norquist, and Douglas Wead (spiritual mentor to Dubya)?

Time for some answers.
Joseph; Have you heard about the movie?

Whether it's Moonies or Moroni, the salient issue is
'do you believe in God'? It matters not the object of worship, it's worship, for worships sake. The Magical Mystery Tour leaves us with many options for worship.

Mammon? Priapus? As long as your religion proscribes birth-control, it's all good.

Always thought Moon was where various varieties of religious cultism, gangster politics and high spookery intersected. Nice network to funnel drug dough+CIA ops cash. Also, there have always been dollops of $$ for rightist hi-jinks, from both the public+private sector, like the LaRouchoids.
Does this mean the Washington Times will fold?
And what will happen to all that property he bought in south America, alongside the Bush's, on top of one of the world's largest aquifer?
Moon's mystical, money-spinning machine was just as much a covert "enterprise" of the intel spooks (doing, as always, the occult bidding of the ultra-rich) as has been, on a somewhat larger scale, the modern state of Israel and its unimaginably costly (to the USA and Israel's neighbours) mega-scam called the
"War on Terror".
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