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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The Big Dawg is good.

I had almost forgotten.

Update: Dick Morris says that Bill Clinton wants Obama defeated. He (Clinton) only pretends to support Obama because the President (Obama) has threatened to kill Hillary.

This has to the stupidest, ugliest thing any right-winger has ever said -- and by "ever," I mean "this week." Morris is the concentrate they make slime out of.
Curse the 22nd Amendment! Bill Clinton 2012!
Seth, history may say that Bill Clinton won it for Barack Obama in 2012. If there's a post-convention bounce heftier than the one Romney got, credit Clinton.
My prediction: Obama will lose, and the Obamacrats will blame Bill Clinton for it. You know those Obots!
newtgingrich on twitter heavy on
-> its here ->
Does the republican party have a lock on doughy complexion overweight white men?

Their spokes people are either that or shrieking harpies.

BTW: I heard that the Tampa PD had to work their vice cops overtime patrolling bus stop men's rooms during the convention.
Did Morris is just a frustrated, irrelevant, demented old toe sucker.
LOL! What Mouse said on Morris. How pathetic.

Bill Clinton was masterful last night. He is the best, most talented politician of my living memory. He did Obama and the Dems a hu-u-uge favor. In one speech, he made a case for the Administration that all the WH speech writers and advisors and Obama himself have failed to do. Point by point he dismantled the Republican argument, made it and the GOP's henchmen look as empty as they really are.

Give it to the Big Dawg! He has no equal [except for Hillary] :0).

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