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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Words and pictures (and more on the Reid/Romney/Huntsman thing)

Y'know why I love this? It explains why I can't stand Republicans and why I think Obama is a failure.

I see a lot of Islam-bashers doing "oppo" research on Mohammed. One basher even wrote an interesting but unconvincing book denying Mohammed's existence. I figure turnabout is fair play.

(That's an official portrait of Joe Smith. The head's too small.)

I don't know if the quote is accurate, but I bet it is.

Incidentally, my earlier post on the Harry Reid controversy has been getting some play.  That article offers evidence indicating that Jon Huntsman was Harry Reid's source for the claim that Romney paid no taxes.

Jon Huntsman has been tellingly silent about the Reid controversy. (Speaking in general terms, he did advise Romney to divulge his taxes.) I would like the Huntsman theory to receive wide circulation, because I would like him to respond to it.

You know who else has said nothing in response to the Reid brouhaha? John McCain. One may be able to read much into his silence, since McCain's team had a chance to go over Romney's taxes.

I bet Nancy Pelosi knows Reid's source.

John Sununu -- without a shred of evidence -- says that Barack Obama made Harry Reid lie. Any Republican who slams Reid while excusing Sununu stands exposed as a hypocrite.

As you may recall, one of the reasons I point to Huntsman as the source is the fact that he is on very friendly terms with Harry Reid. Did you know that, a year ago, Reid said that he favored Huntsman for president?
Wow, Joseph...thanks for the Smith quote. i'd just this morning been wondering if Mormons had originally designed themselves for a power play, or if it was just some illiterate lout's dream to justify a harem for himself.

The quote, tho, does more harm to the Muslims than Mormons, as it establishes Islam as the recognized epitome of violent power-grubbers. The Mormons went the money and assimilation route...where they assimilated to the general population.
I posted the Joseph Smith picture on my facebook (I know, I know..). The first reaction was from a righty saying it was absurd to consider such a thing when looking at Romney. He then proceeded to say that he can't understand why Obama's ties to Jeremiah Wright are not discussed. This is just one person, of course, and someone I actually like in real life (we never talked about politics before), but it seems as though each side is willing to accuse the other of doing the same things it does. Without then acknowledging the double standard. Shirts vs. Skins is a good description of our current political climate, the interests of the people be damned.
zee, I think you took the Smith quote all wrong. I was just tweaking the nose of Mitt Romney, and of the Republicans who involve themselves with the wars of religion. I don't think that Romney's run represents a Mormon power play.

And I hoped it would go without saying that what Smith says about Islam represents a common 19th century mindset.
Gus, I think it was perfectly fair to talk about Jeremiah Wright. I talked about him a lot. I even did a cartoon or two that made him look bad. (He's pretty easy to draw, which is why I was a little sad when he dropped out of the news.) I was particularly hard on Wright's ties to Farrakhan.

But your right-wing buddy is hallucinating if he thinks that Wright went undiscussed. There was a HUGE discussion. And it ended when Obama left that church.

Romney will never leave the Mormons, even though Joseph Smith was a bigger scoundrel than Wright ever was. And Smith's rhetoric was far more violently anti-American.

And as far as most of America was concerned, when Obama kicked Wright under the bus, that was that. Everyone said: "Okay, the matter is settled. Let's talk about something else."

Your correspondent may have wanted the dialogue to continue. But frankly, what else was there to say?

Maybe your friend didn't like the way that discussion ended. Fair enough. But he can't claim that the discussion never took place.
Joseph, I said "recognized" epitome not actual epitome, as a nod to the mindset, altho no one could look at Islam vs Quakers, Amish, and many other faiths and NOT come to the conclusion that they belong squarely in the league of murderous warlords. For all the people who just love to trot out Catholic and Christian horrors, whenever their pet "Islam is a religion of peace" meme gets punctured, it really doesn't matter which warlord in the sky gets gold, silver or bronze in that game. By pointing out the others which are "just as bad," apologists admit Islam is far from a peaceful religion.

It's shocking to see that the Mormon cult founder revered the worst of Islam, and yes...I intend to tweak every rightwing nose I come across with this choice tidbit.

Powergrab was not an ideal word choice, but each of the most destructive religions out there are vying for dominance and political power, and you can tell them by their race to out-populate the rest.
Joseph, I agree with you, and that's pretty much what he was upset about; that MORE attention wasn't given to Wright, while at the same time saying that Joseph Smith's views are not relevant to Romney. I tend to agree with you that Romney is more a Wall Street creature using his religion as a way to court fundy voters, rather than a hard core fundy himself. In any case, my friend wanted didn't want it to work both ways, which is typical right wing thinking (and often left as well, these days).
Gus, I have no idea what is in Romney's heart of hearts when it comes to actual religious beliefs. I tend to think that most politicians are less religious than they claim. But that's a guess.
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