Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why won't the Dems support Rob Zerban?

There's one simple, quick way to tell if a Democratic candidate is truly cool: See if the mainstream Dem party apparat is willing to back him with some serious bucks. As you know, a good candidate named Rob Zerban is vying for Paul Ryan's seat in Wisconsin. Zerban is just the sort of figure the Dems need -- a small business owner and a clean-cut family man who has pledged to support Social Security and Medicare. He's not a stiff, not a hack, and not an extremist.

Initial polling indicates that Zerban stands a decent chance of prevailing, if he can raise enough money to get the message out.

Alas, Howie Klein tells us that the Dems aren't being helpful.
The DCCC loves using Republican cartoonish arch-villains as whipping boys. They're always sending out press releases and even putting together ads attacking the worst GOP figures, particularly Cantor, Boehner and Ryan. But they don't actually do anything about defeating any of them at the polls....

And this year, when Ryan finally does have a serious opponent, Rob Zerban, what does the DCCC do? Kick back and issue press releases about how awful Paul Ryan's Medicare-killing plans are-- to the media everywhere in America. But take on Ryan directly? Or even help Zerban go after Ryan? Don't be silly....
How can we force the Democratic leadership to support real Democrats?
How to force them to support real Democrats? Next time the Democratic Party calls asking for money tell them no, you gave all your Democratic spare change to Norman Solomon and Rob Zerban.
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