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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tony Perkins IS Psycho!

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, says that there is a "clear link" between the Obama administration and the horrific attack at the FRC. When it comes to politicizing a tragedy, Tony's as shameless as they get. Normally I wouldn't publicize his inane sentiment, but I couldn't resist the headline.

One may argue that there is a clear link between the Family Research Council and the horrific attack at the FRC. Madness begets madness.

This blogger -- whose work I haven't looked at in quite a while -- has done some excellent research which shows that FRC publications (widely distributed in DC) routinely rely on faked footnotes:
...they did things like quoting a damning opinion from a judge in a court case without mention that the judge was in the minority, that the gays had actually won the case they were citing.
On another occasion, the FRC cited a source which originally said that "gay men and lesbians face greater societal pressures in their day to day lives." The Council rewrote the text to state that gays are "much more likely to rip the heads off small bunnies."

Obviously, we may extend sympathy to the victims of the shooting while also decrying such reprehensible fact-twisting.

Tony Perkins always makes me think of Bernard Hermann's famous score: Shree shree shree shrack shrack shrack...
There is no Obama link. The news worthy link, is the link to Colorado in the recent shootings. FRC used to be part of Focus on the Family.
I didn't say that there WAS an Obama link. I said that Tony said so. I also called Tony psycho. In other words, I was reviling him.

Jeez, how clearly do I have spell things out on this blog? Sometimes I think that people intentionally try to find ways to mis-read my words.

I know of no linkage between the FRC outrage and the Colorado tragedy. Aside, of course, from the fact that both incidents involved guns and madness.
My "There is no Obama link" remark was directed at Tony Perkins. Not you. Relax. The only linkage with FRC to Colorado that I know of is that FRC split off from Focus on the Family. FOTF is based in Colorado.
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