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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The rat, and how to smell it

The right wants us to become infuriated by a new Obama ad featuring Republicans who support the President. It seems that one of the "Republican" women in that ad is actually a Democrat. She registered as a Dem in 2006 -- which wasn't that long ago. If she claims to be a traditional conservative repulsed by the madness which has overtaken the GOP, where's the freakin' controversy?

Reactionaries who complain about sneak attacks have a lot of gall. Those of us who sympathized with the PUMA movement in 2008 had to deal with right-wing deception operations on a near-daily basis. Republican ratfuckers erected a number of websites which pretended to be legitimate pro-Hillary, pro-PUMA Democratic blogs -- but which were, in fact, designed to sway people away from liberalism.

The best example I can think of is a site called HillBuzz, which used to have a triumphant Hillary Clinton image on its banner. (This old Cannonfire post preserves that image.) After the election of Obama, the keepers of that site stripped off the sheep's clothing and became part of the great reactionary echo machine. They even once accused yours truly of being in the pay of Evil Soros. In fact, the HillBuzzers generated quite a bit of revenue by claiming (falsely) that Soros had targeted their site for attack.

Look at them now. No hint that they ever cared for Hillary. She has been replaced by a bee -- a fitting symbol, methinks, since HillBuzz began life as a sting.

The headline today is: "What’s keeping you from combating Voter Fraud where you live?" Yes, they're part of the movement to put Romney in office by criminalizing Voting While Black or Poor. An excerpt:
I have no idea how to address the GOTV stuff because aside from the union thugs muscling people to vote Democrat and other entitlement-programs demanding a push for Democrats in major cities like Chicago, I don’t know what GOTV activities legitimately go on. I think a lot of the GOTV stuff is actually part of voter fraud efforts — since Democrats actively look for senior citizens with dementia so they can vote in their names at nursing homes on the way home from taking grave rubbings to get names of new voter registrations in places like Chicago. I’ve personally seen the “voting in the name of old people” stuff happen, because the Obama campaign did that during the 2008 election, along with the voter intimidation efforts from everyone from the Black Panthers to the Union Bosses and the Gaystapo goon squads here in Boystown.
Have you read enough? I should think so. ("Union bosses" -- yeesh!) And yet, even today, there are residual PUMA-friendly sites which still link to this propaganda.

I have cited just one illustration. There were and are plenty of others.

Larry Johnson's No Quarter, for example, claimed to be pro-Hillary, yet that site worked with the despicable Pam Geller to promote the birther myth, in the days when that myth was a-borning. In fact, if memory serves, birtherism began on Johnson's site. A No Quarter editor privately complained when I skewered the fraudulent arguments offered by their beloved pseudoexpert "Techdude," who said that he had found evidence that the birth certificate was doctored. The truth of my posts didn't matter to the No Quarter crew; they became miffed because I refused to march in step. Whenever you hear someone give you the "There's no I in TEAM" rap, you're dealing with a conservative.

Everyone knows that the Breitbart-connected bloggers feature comments from an army of sock-puppets.

In my more paranoid moments, I suspect that a couple of my own regular commenters are GOP ratfuckers. I strongly suspect that at least one of the regular contributors to the Confluence was deep cover.

Let's face it: Ratfucking is (mostly) a Republican thang. Nixonian henchman Donald Segretti invented ratfucking -- at least, he invented the term. And Segretti mentored Karl Rove.
For the record, I hate Obama cos he has eliminated the possibility of a left wing choice. The fact that there are a bunch of republican moderates who will vote for him in preference to the New American Nazi party, just illustrates my point. His goal was to take the middle ground cos he thinks that will guarantee victory (and he might be right - cynical piece of shit).

Also for the record, I am not a GOP ratfucker. I dont even have the vote, and I doubt my wife listens to anything I have to say. I am an avowed socialist from a fomerly socialist country - the UK.

Hear hear, Harry! A fellow once-was Brit, and socialist-leaning, I wrangled the US immigration system and won, so do have a vote - but it's a pretty useless vote here in Oklahoma.

I will not vote for Obama or Romney, if there's no 3rd choice, as is likely, I'll leave the Prez line blank. I will not, cannot, vote for a murderer. But the Republicans will win OK come what may.

How to feel powerless and useless!
I would contend that Obama's election was the ultimate ratfuck: a full-blown coup d'etat that completely subverted the Democratic Party and jerked it somewhat to the right of Ronald Reagan.
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