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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The man who faked the Apocalypse

In a previous post, we noted a series of videos uploaded to YouTube which allegedly captured a bizarre worldwide phenomenon -- low, loud, quasi-electronic sounds permeating large areas. Religious-minded folk felt that these sounds might represent Gabriel's horn signalling the end of the world.

I'm not religious, but I am in the mood for a good apocalypse. Universal extinction? Well, it beats paying rent. Bring it on!

As much as I wanted to believe these videos, the aroma of fraud lingered over this affair. Now a reader directs our attention to this post, which reveals the whole thing to be a hoax engineered by a wacky preacher named Paul Begley.
This man is Pastor at Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. Paul Begley has built an enormous presence on the internet, preaching "End of Days" Gospel Revelations, and trying to tie both natural and human world events into evidence of a coming Apocalypse. He also mentions UFOs, extraterrestrials and related content in his internet sermons. The strange sounds are a major topic of his rhetoric for end of days preaching, and come as too great of a tool to legitimize his prophecy. Thus, the chances that he and other members of his religious organization are deliberately releasing videos of this sound are too great to ignore.

His birthplace is hard to locate but I located it to be Kyev, Ukraine. This is most interesting, since the very first video containing the sounds supposedly came from Kiev, Ukraine.

Paul Begley would have plenty of reasons for promoting these sounds as apocalyptic prophecies, as it has immediately boosted his listening audience and increased the number of followers to his church.
Disappointing news, this. I'd be grateful to any reader who can debunk the "Begley" theory so that I may continue to think pleasant thoughts of Absolute Annihilation. Keep hopelessness alive!
sounds as a manifestation of Gabriel's horn signalling the end of the world.

Ain't it funny both space aliens and angels can only be seen and heard out in the boonie with all the rednecks.

Well, BB, some of the YouTube examples take place in cities. I prefer to think that the world really IS ending. Better than having to choose between Obama and Romney, right?

Still, you have to admire the chutzpah of a preacher who tries to fake up an apocalypse. Kind of reminds me of "Watchmen."
Does this man look like the Antichrist?

Things seem to be coming along nicely with Russian Orthodoxy, in many parts of which the apocalpyse meme has long played an big role.

If Pussy Riot were proper punks, they'd be pushing the 'No Future' line of the British punks, rather than the mystic ideas of Orthodox philosopher Berdyaev whom they mix with their Kafka and Debord as they cavort in front of the altar! :)

But never mind them. Before the presidential election, Boris Berezovsky wrote to all candidates, asking them to step down. He also asked the Patriarch to assume power. Whether someone is dosing his water supply is an open question.

After Putin's victory came Easter, cue for BB to declare that his anti-regime efforts needed an ideology, and that he'd come up with exactly the right thing. He said his Movement would be called 'Resurrection', Orthodox to its public-relations core, designed to 'save Russia'.

These are old, deep memes in Russia.

No problem that Berezovsky is Jewish and holds an Israeli passport. No problem, it seems, that Russian Orthodox Christians and Jews have traditionally hated each others guts. Far be it from Boris to be cynical in any way!

A senior Orthodox cleric responded that if Berezovsky wanted to found a party, he might as well call it the party of the Antichrist.


That's an old meme in Russia too.

Who knows what's going to happen in Syria? I'm watching out for an army from the north.

Only a few months left to December and the end of the Mayan epoch.

PS Is there a way to post images here?
I do not encourage posting images, and I honestly do not know if it is technically possible. But for some of the images here -- on the side columns -- I use this service:
Apparently with Blogger, unlike with Wordpress, bloggers need to tweak the page code if they want to let commenters paste images. I can understand why you might not be so keen on that.

Anyway, blogs - pah! I still imagine I'm back in the age of Usenet. First blogs; then it was Youtube and Twitter. Some kind of new stuff or other. 'Tube' means 'fool' in Glaswegian.

BTW did you watch Craig Murray's speech outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London? He was on excellent form. The Guardian lyingly claim he didn't mention the Swedish charges against Assange. Practically the whole of the UK MSM are painting Assange's speech and position as comical and deserving to be mocked.
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