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Monday, August 20, 2012

More on Romney's voting status

A couple of posts down, we took belated note of the controversy over whether or not Mitt Romney was an actual resident of Massachusetts when he voted in that state in early 2010. The previous year, he had moved his family to La Jolla, California. Yet Mitt claims that he was living in MA, in his son's unfinished basement, no doubt scarfin' Doritos and watching reruns of Classic Trek.

It turns out that someone has asked an MA voting official whether Romney was qualified to cast a ballot in 2010. The reply was very interesting...
Cushman noted that as long as Romney isn't trespassing in someone's home and hasn't requested to become a resident of another town anywhere else in the country, he is considered a resident of Belmont...

"And since he is an active voter, he proves that this is where his residency is," said Cushman.
Okay. So it seems that the fact that he has voted there before is sufficient to prove that he had a right to vote in 2010. Even though he had moved to California. And even his long-sought tax returns almost certainly show a California address.

That seems like circular reasoning: "Of course he's legally allowed to vote here. He's voting here, isn't he?"

But my question is this: What about the people in Philadelphia and other states where the GOP is trying to squelch the votes of blacks and students and the poor? Can those people be grandfathered in due to their status as long-time "active voters"?

Seems to me that we have two standards...
Interesting link to an old article, in which the link to the pdfs of Romney's letters to the Town Clerk does not now work.

Maybe redacted, like so much else of interest re: Romney's taxes.
Has anyone dug into his voter registration history at Mittwit's current address? Has he voted there yet? Is that now the state from which he's running for President? There has to be a timeline there to follow, instead of focusing only on the old trail.

As someone who is relocating, I can say I informed Massachusetts I was no longer residing there, even tho I currently have nowhere else to vote.

It's been a nightmare...I tried to get registered in Baltimore, when I was living there, but didn't manage to do so before I was called to VA on family emergency, where I still am residing with family. I have no address now, no way to register to vote.

It would've been convenient for me to retain my voting status in Mass, illegally, especially since I could've voted for Elizabeth Warren against Scott Brown.

But, unlike Romney, I intend to vote legally once I'm settled in Baltimore. Especially since local politics have the most impact.
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