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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is Romney ineligible?

Is Romney ineligible? Maybe. During his rather ill-advised journey overseas, he held fundraisers. Very quiet fundraisers. Addicting Info points out that it's against the law for foreign nationals to contribute to a candidate or to a party.

So just what happened at those fundraisers? Before we get all het up about this, we need to have more information.
I saw an Occupy discussion of this and someone did dig up that he was fundraising from American ex-pats. I can't promise the link but will bring it if I can find it again...
I'm sure Romney's campaign has learned how to steer contributions from foreign nationals to one of those convenient SuperPACs.
Perfectly legal for expats to contribute. Libor...not prepared to comment, but it is questionable

Ben Franklin
You didn't get it, Ben. My question was -- how do you KNOW who contributed at those dinners? What is our method for double-checking?

The Barclays-hosted occasion certainly seemed redolent of hugger mugger.
Got it now. Have you seen that the Brits are planning on storming Ecuadorian Embassy to get Assange?

This is odd. The Embassy has not made a decision, Was planning such for Noon, tomorrow.

Storm the embassy? What? Does the CIA want their disinformation agent back? Pure theater...
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