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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Did Mitt Romney commit voter fraud? (Update: Get this to Jon!)

As we know, in-person voter ID fraud is extremely rare -- but one person who may have done the deed is Mitt Romney. Maybe this is one reason for Mitt's refusal to show his tax returns.

In a nutshell: In April of 2009, Mitt moved to La Jolla, California. Yet he voted in a 2010 election in Massachusetts, stating that he was living in the basement of his son's home. Mitt doesn't strike many people as the kind of guy who would live in a basement -- I mean, can you visualize him playing video games while scarfing pizza? Nevertheless, that's his story.

If his tax return for that year lists a California address, then Romney has committed a crime. Game over, dude. Game over.

Update: The image to your left has been making the rounds. It's clear to me that there is enough evidence for the state of Massachusetts to open up an investigation.

If state officials choose to do so, they can solve the matter very rapidly by issuing a subpoena for Mitt Romney's tax returns.

Yes, the IRS can be forced to produce them. In divorce cases, that sort of thing happens fairly often.

If you live in MA -- hell, even if you don't -- contact Attorney General Martha Coakley and ask her why she is not investigating Mitt Romney for voter fraud. Try this phone number: (617) 727-8400. Here's the email address:

A few hundred people making inquiries and/or demands could force action. If you have your own blog -- or if you know someone who does -- please do what you can to publicize this matter. Contact Coakley!

Back in 2008, Kossacks routinely sounded the cry: "Get this to Keith!" Right now, I'd like someone to get this to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher. Imagine what they would do with the image of Mitt Romney in his underwear, playing Halo 4 in his son's basement...
He joins Cheney and Ann Coulter in this...but charges were dropped against both of them.
I'm looking at what is said to be a pdf of Mitt's 2010 tax return, and the street address is redacted, but the city and state are Belmont, MA.

So, the question still remains, is the street address for their son's basement, or for the Romney home that was sold?

There may still be a case for voter fraud if the former home was in a different voting precinct than the son's basement.
Tagg's basement is at 18 Greensbrook Way, Belmont MA 02478. However, the USPS tells me that "The address you provided is not recognized by the US Postal Service as an address we serve. Mail sent to this address may be returned."
I find it commendable that Romney felt he needed to vote for another candidate even though Romney may not have been a resident of the state at that time.

In contrast, gubernatorial California republican candidate Meg Whitman apparently did not vote in many many elections.

I prefer what Romney did to what Whitman did not do.
Look to Romney's Federal Form 1040A long form tax return. The first section includes the legal residence declaration and the last section has the signatures of husband and wive with the date of filing. And the perjury declaration.

On the date that he filed the Form 1040A, that was his legal residence. (You can sneak out by giving a lawyer's office or some such.) Wanna bet on whether Mitt Romney lied to everybody in Massachusetts, California, and Utah ?????
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