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Sunday, August 26, 2012

AM v. V

Alan Moore confronts Occupy protesters wearing the ubiquitous V mask. It's a lovely tableau.
A UK wingnut purloins the moniker of Guy Fawkes. Jeff Goildstein and Tom Maguire sometimes try to align themselves with Hunter S. Thompson, and cease after I eviscerate the notion.

And I disagree with the 'wave' conecept' of Moore.

In wave mechanics, it is impossible to separate the water from the energy propelling the wave.

Occupy has more creds than most on representing Alan's character

I agree that the wave analogy is faulty. We're all just little bits of cork bobbing on the top of the wave. We pretend otherwise -- we pretend that we ARE the wave, or that we are somehow pushing the wave along -- because doing so makes us feel good about ourselves.
'Feeling good' about ourselves is entropic. Comfort zones signal the work has ceased. We are a work in progress, and as you know, it's always the peak of fever which precedes a breakthrough. Chaoticians see a pattern in aberrant behavior.

Ah. I'm whistlin' Dixie.....:)

I'll take the feet on the ground role, just this once.

Wikileaks so far has failed. It bugs me that no-one is saying that. The anti-war effort of the last 20 years has so far failed.

Not so with Vietnam. The main critique of the US war effort in Vietnam was that it was The Man, committing horrendous slaughter. The facts seem to show that that was a more radical notion than saying the current wars are illegal.

Occupy has failed too.

Pussy Riot is a very interesting case. I do not defend them (unlike Wikileaks and Occupy, most of the people within which, I do), but when you see London Occupy too pathetic to enter St Paul's, even though they're camped right outside the front doors, whereas some damned supporters of the CIA's mate Alexei Nachalny don't hesitate to do their stuff in Christ the Saviour cathedral in Moscow, it's food for thought. Then Pussy Riot get supported afterwards in open fashion by the US embassy in Moscow, and their organisation doesn't say no fucking thanks. If protestors had got inside St Paul's and had got maced to fuck, and been given equally heavy jail sentences, I doubt the US embassy would have offered much support.

Proactive recuperation is a big theme nowadays. Hello Arab Spring.

BTW isn't the narrator being unfair to Alan Moore to call him a performance artist? I'd be surprised if that's a role he claims.
The narrator in this piece clearly isn't very familiar with Moore's work. Nevertheless, Moore has indeed done what we may call "performance art" to music of his own devising. I've heard some of this; not to my taste, frankly.
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