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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A candidate you should support

Ayn-droid Paul Ryan is not just Mitt's veep choice -- he's also running for re-election in Wisconsin. His opponent is a fellow named Rob Zerban, and polls indicate that he stands a chance -- arguably a better chance today than two days ago, since Ryan has indicated that he would rather seek higher office than serve his district.

Zerban is the genuine article. Unlike Ryan, he owned small businesses and created actual jobs. He also has a record as a conservationist. Here's how he differentiates himself from his opponent...
Paul Ryan supports ending Medicare. I support Medicare for All.

Paul Ryan supports lowering taxes on the rich. I want the rich to finally pay their fair share.

Paul Ryan thinks the way to create jobs is tax giveaways for Big Oil, Wall Street, and other big corporations. I'm a small businessman who fights for the little guy.

Paul Ryan is pro-life. I am pro-choice. Tell me when to stop...
Zerban is asking for a donation of three bucks. C'mon -- three bucks. That's less than the price of a fast food hamburger, for cryin' out loud.

The Zerban/Ryan race is no longer just about a single congressional district. Paul Ryan is the rising star in the GOP: He's young, deceptively ingratiating, well-spoken, capable of thinking on his feet. In other words, he's dangerous -- dangerous in a way that clowns like Bachmann, Perry and Gingrich are not. The Republican party, beset by a talent shortage (hey, they're running Romney...!), is obviously grooming Ryan for the presidency. He is the face of the Libertarian menace that threatens to plunge this nation into a new age of feudalism.

I'm asking you to support Zerban because he can stop Ryan's rise -- cold. More than that: I think Rob Zerban is a decent man with decent ideas. He is precisely the sort of politician this country needs. (By the way, Russ Feingold endorses him.)
I don't roll like Soros but I doubled down with your man. First time I've ponied-up for a pol in a while.
The Paul Ryan Files, Report #1
I don't understand, if Ryan is the VP, why would he be running for re-election?
Biden ran for re-election in 2008. It's legal.
Nothing we do can stop Ryan. Sarah Palin has called on all the Prayer Warriors out there to put up a Prayer Shield around Romney and Ryan to protect them from their enemies.
Already, several intelligence agencies are rumored to be concerned that the Prayer Shield could be a workable anti-drone technology that might fall into the wrong hands. Damn. Now what the hell am I supposed to do with all these Spears of Godlessness I bought on Ebay?
I can't wrap my head around anyone voting for this ticket when the "promise" is to gut every social and government program that most of the majority depends upon in one way or another.

Surrounded by neocons and funded by unnamed greedy bastards, listening to those who support these two idiots is surreal.

Hard to believe that there are people willing to surrender their rights based on nothing but Obama hate.
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