Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will OWS morph into "Insurrectionary Anarchism"?

Idiocy. Idiocy in its purest form.

Is there any need to explain why I consider those idiots to be idiots? Not really. If you can't see it immediately, then you are too fucking idiotic to talk to. And if you want to defend idiocy, do it elsewhere. I will not print your idiotic commentary.

That brand of idiocy does far more harm than Murdoch, Ailes, Limbaugh and co. ever could. If that's where OWS is going, then OWS must die.
Sheesh, you scared me...I thought this would show some kind of Libertarian takeover. The fledgings are still quite too damp to fly, and deserve the ridicule, but honestly, I have no idea WTH this article is saying. I admit I found it difficult to focus after reading the wordthing "visioning." Haven't any of these would-be verbage coiners read Calvin and Hobbs? Verbing weirds language..."envisioning" already fits the bill.
Zee, how could it possibly get worse than that? If ever I saw a much-needed political movement take a sharp turn toward Stupidsville...
Joseph, I'm on the dreaded FB, and many of the various local Occupy lists are savvy and informative and active...and were against the national gathering, seeing as the movement is not ready for ...prime time...yet. Yes, the movement is needed and is lacking. Therefore, I approve the ridicule --- without writing off the movement yet, if that makes sense. I'm voting Green this year, which is against many of my previously held notions. But. There is a reason I disdain Naderites as opposed to Greens. Nader used and abused and discarded the possibly viable Green Party. I'm more a metaphorical than methodical person, so I'm at a disadvantage in discourse with you, but the analogy I would have you understand, if I could more eloquently express it, is baby steps. There's a reason I said fledgling. No one person, or movement, sprang fully formed as if from the thigh of a Greek God. One result of being a mom who watches old home movies is to be able to marvel that infants, babies, grasp more than they can initially convey, but they make fumbling attempts to do so nonetheless. Amazing fumbling attempts. Uninterpreted as communication by most, until they, with practice, attain the skill necessary to communicate with the only casually attuned.
I read the article right up to where some ontological constructs were "borrowed from The Sex Pistols", thence I swooned and knew no more.
The conclusion of the article was that the Insurrectionary Anarchists had been rejected by the group and they would probably all go somewhere else. I don't understand the outrage.
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