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Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney in Europe

Everyone in the world is paying attention to Mitt Romney's hilariously gaffe-tastic trip to the U.K. My favorite example was his remark about "looking out of the backside" of 10 Downing Street. What an ass!

The "Anglo-Saxon heritage" remark wasn't really a gaffe, since Team Mitt clearly meant it for the stateside audience. In 2008, the Obots falsely accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of sending racist dog whistles. In Romney's case, the accusation isn't false; that's his act. The Republicans don't even put much effort into denying the obvious.

I like the Telegraph's comment:
Mitt Romney is perhaps the only politician who could start a trip that was supposed to be a charm offensive by being utterly devoid of charm and mildly offensive.
Given the many failures of our current administration, Romney should be at least ten points ahead of Obama. Yet Mitt continues to struggle. Why? In part because the insanity of the Republican party frightens many Americans -- and in part because Mitt Romney is the most repellent, most unlikable humanoid ever to seek the country's highest office. He makes Nixon seem charismatic.

Female readers, I ask you seriously: If you had to kiss either Romney or Nixon, which would you choose? (Before you answer, consider this.) The two men make for an interesting comparison: Nixon, born poor and not particularly attractive, always seemed to worry about his likability. Mitt Romney, born to wealth and blessed with good looks, doesn't give a crap about whether people like him. And nobody does.

Even Republicans cannot defend Romney's personality; they don't care for him either. Although many will vote against Obama, few will vote for Romney. He has never said anything witty, intelligent, artful or memorable. He has never performed a single noble or courageous act. He has never given the world a new idea or a new product. He wears his humanity as if it gave him a rash.

Had the gods granted this man any endearing qualities, he now would be coasting to an easy victory. If he wins the election -- and I think he will -- he'll do so by relying on devious methods.

Is the fix in? I'm intrigued by Romney's not-so-secret meeting with the head of MI6. Has this ever happened before? I can think of no precedent. When was the last time Britain's chief spook met with an American candidate who isn't a serving politician and isn't even his party's official nominee?

I suspect that MI6 knows something about Mitt Romney that the rest of us do not.

Rich is never having to say you're sorry. One amusing aspect of Romney's trip is that, no matter how badly he screws up, he cannot apologize for anything he does. After all, he titled his book No Apology. That volume -- no doubt written by the finest ghost money could buy -- is founded on the mythical proposition that Barack Obama has gone around the world apologizing for American behavior. In fact, he has done no such thing.

Frankly, I wish he had. After the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, after our disastrous attempt to establish an empire (which some Republicans openly called an empire), and after our Wall Streeters did so much to destroy the world economy, a few mea culpas might have helped.

Everyone knows that only insecure creeps refuse to apologize. If you know who you are, if you have the confidence that comes with decency, you can admit fault without feeling threatened or diminished. A man of reason and honor understands that the ready apology provides the grease that keeps the gears of civilization turning. In better days, humility was considered a virtue.

The Atlantic argues that Mitt's arrogance hurts him overseas:
Alas, diplomacy is hard. It's no less hard when approached with the sort of chest-thumping, non-apologizing American exceptionalism (don't call it nationalism!) that Romney described in his book.
Still, it's hard not to see this incident as a reminder of the potential pitfalls of a worldview that sees thoughtful diplomacy as "apologizing" and emphasizes American dominance through American strength.
He may have nice suits. But he isn't civilized.

I have a theory about why Mitt feels so attracted to the "no apologies" meme. Psychologically, he remains at war with his father, George Romney, who famously admitted that he was wrong about Vietnam -- and thereby derailed his own quest for the presidency. The elder Romney later headed H.U.D., in which capacity he helped many poor people find housing.

This, I think, is Mitt's dark secret: Like Dubya, Mitt Romney has daddy issues. He seeks the highest office because he feels compelled to outdo -- to best, to conquer, to vanquish -- his father.
He has never said anything witty, intelligent or memorable. He has never performed a single noble or courageous act.

While watching the republican debates I noticed Romney several times complain and even outright whine to the moderator at how one of the other candidates was being unfair to him.

Even worse, during one of the verbal exchanges between Governor Oops Perry and Romney the Texan stepped very close to Mittens with him slightly cringing as if he expected a sudden blow. Maybe I am mistaken, especially because I admit I detest Mittens even worse than the Bushes. But after Mittens recent neocon foreign policy speech I fully expect him to try and prove his manhood on some "evil" country. Iran comes to mind.
BBum, I hope you'll forgive me for slightly rewriting the sentence you quoted. You're not the guy who writes about Tiki drinks, are you?
No, I don't write about Tiki drinks but I do enjoy sitting by the ocean and sipping one while I listen to the waves.
Nixon or Romney? Whadda choice.

Nixon, for sure. Romney lives way too close to Uncanny Valley. Nixon may have been loathsome, but at least he was recognizably human.
Nixon, to his credit, at least recognized China and helped nudge it towards a more humane and outward-looking government.

We can be confident that RMoney would appoint proto-fascist Supreme Court justices, attack Iran with horrific consequences for the world oil supply, and leave the American middle class a smoking ruin - Katrina written across the entire country.

Nixon looks pretty good in comparison.
What's scary is that Nixon looks pretty good in comparison to Obama- shows just how extreme rightwing our politics have become.
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