Saturday, July 14, 2012

The case for Rubio

The Florida factor could determine Romney's veep choice. Rubio adds only a point or two, but in a race this close, a point or two is enough.
The media will shill the idea that this is a close race until election day. Because if they reported the truth - that no one in the beltway seriously thinks Mitt Romney has any chance of beating Obama - then no one would obsessively watch cable news or listen to things like the stupid, disgusting POTUS XM channel.

Be at peace Joe. Obama is going to be reelected, I suspect he will almost exactly duplicate the 2008 electoral results.

(If I had to guess who Romney selects as veep, I would guess someone like Haley Barbour or Kay Bailey Hutchinson - an old line GOP name with a big fundraising list. They will raise a lot of money and try to get the base worked up for the down ticket nominees. Romney and his veep lose gracefully, then go on to lucrative careers as Viagra spokespeople, etc.)
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