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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Assassination notes (Plus: More evidence of Obama's spooky past)

This is not a JFK assassination blog, and you should feel welcome here even if you disagree with my views on that controversy. To keep this site focused on current affairs, I dip my toes in that pond only on rare occasions. That said, I feel compelled to share a startling bit of assassination news, as presented in the latest issue (#63) of Lobster, Robin Ramsay's quirky (but usually reliable) parapolitical journal.

In the "View From the Bridge" section, we learn that a fellow named Doug Thompson, the communications director for New Mexico Congressman Manuel Lujan, shared a plane trip with John Connally back in the 1980s. As you know, Connally was severely wounded when Kennedy was shot.
In the course of the conversation Thompson asked him if he thought Lee Harvey Oswald fired the gun that killed Kennedy?
‘Absolutely not,’ Connally said. ‘I do not, for one second, believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.’

So why not say so?

‘Because I love this country and we needed closure at the time. I will never speak out publicly about what I believe.’
This is the base line for so many American politicians: we do not talk about what really happened on 22 November 1963; we do not tarnish the brand.
The last remark is Ramsay's. Personally, I suspect that Connally's motive may not have been love of country or fear of tarnishing the brand. I suspect that the bullet(s) which passed through the Governor's body -- not to mention the President's body -- might have had some bearing on Connally's decision to keep his mouth shut.

The story told by Thompson has popped up on various web sites over the past six years, yet most people have never heard this anecdote. No-one, so far as I know, has ever impugned Thompson's credibility.

We may thus add John Connally's name to the list of people who discounted the official conclusion. Other doubters include LBJ (for whom the commission was convened; the official title was "The President's Commission," not "The Warren Commission"), Richard Nixon, Robert Kennedy, and Commission member Richard Russell.

My fellow "nuts" include some rather interesting people.

General Walters. A long, long time ago, Lobster offered another squib which deserves a place on the internet record. In issue #7, published in 1985, Lobster co-founder Stephen Dorril profiled Gordon Winter, an operative formerly employed by BOSS, the adroitly-acronymed intelligence agency of South Africa. Winter is best known for his book Inside Boss, now very rare. (I haven't the vaguest idea where you might find a copy.) According to Dorril, Winter averred that BOSS had once conducted its own investigation of the JFK assassination, and concluded that the mastermind was "a General named Walters."

Obviously, this reference goes to General Vernon A Walters, who died in 2002. He was the Deputy Director of the CIA for four years in the 1970s, and functioned as acting DCI for a very brief period. He was considered a brilliant man with a remarkable aptitude for languages.

As longtime readers may know, I am an "Angleton did it" partisan -- in other words, I stand with those who strongly suspect that the chief architect of the assassination was CIA counterintelligence chieftain James Jesus Angleton. I have not seen any evidence linking Walters to the Dallas event. It is quite possible that BOSS (or Winter) got it wrong.

That said: The very next issue of Lobster (#8) mentioned Walters again...
Perhaps the single most interesting thing I've seen recently was in the New Statesman(8 February 1985) profile of General Vernon Walters, the probable replacement for the dreadful Jeanne Kirkpatrick as US ambassador at the UN. It included this:
"In the early 1960s, as military attache in Rome, he (Walters) was closely involved with the Italian intelligence service and with blocking the Kennedy Administration's 'opening' towards the Italian left."
I could be wrong but my 'nose' tells me this will turn out to be a major lead.
Other sources confirm that JFK did indeed try to open a backchannel dialogue with the Italian left (dominated at the time by the Italian Communist Party). If nothing else, Kennedy's effort certainly speaks to motivation.

I find it odd that Walters does not receive greater mention in the literature of paranoia, since his associations should make him a lint trap for conspiracy theorists. Walters was a Bush family loyalist and a member of the Knights of Malta. He organized the contras (the anti-Sandinista opposition forces in Nicaragua), facilitated CIA backing of the Argentine fascists, and either aided or instigated the assassination of Orlando Letelier.

For our present purposes, the most important thing you have to know is this: Those in the know referred to Walters as "America's foremost coup-maker." He earned that title by manipulating regime changes in Iran, Fiji, Brazil, Chile and god-knows-where-else.

Perhaps in the U.S. as well...?

Let's bring the story up to date:  The Fiji coup took place in 1987. A New Zealand writer named Owen Wilkes has researched the role of the CIA (and Vernon Walters) in that coup.
Wilkes argues that 'the US since 1982 has been increasingly intervening in Fijian political, economic and trade union affairs', and notes 'a visit by America's foremost coup-maker [General Vernon Walters] and a stepping up of CIA activity immediately prior to the coup' (1987:4). His evidence for the former is the involvement in Fiji's affairs of various American-backed organizations, such as Business International, the Pacific Islands Development Program, and the Asian-American Free Labor Institute, all allegedly linked to the CIA.
The most famous former employee of Business International is a fellow named Barack Obama, who worked for the company (and perhaps for The Company) throughout 1983. The Pacific Island Development Program is part of the East-West Center, whose most famous alumna is Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama.

Obama, who had personal experience of Asia, might have been tasked to analyze some of those reports coming in from Fiji.
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You can find a copy of Winter's Inside Boss by searching for the author's name and book title at
I just did the search and came up with 29 titles, ranging in price from $12.52 (Amazon) to ridiculous (Greedy rare book dealers).
Joseph, Winter's Inside Boss is available from Amazon for $12.52. I just did an search for the book and came up with 19 titles.
Craig and Jerome: Whatever you do, don't follow that link. As Nixon once said, It Would Be Wrong.
(part 1)
JFK’s opening a back channel to the Italian CP is interesting. I hadn't heard that, but it's not surprising given not the national but the geopolitical importance of the history of the 'Italian left'. Gladio wasn’t the only network in town...

Italy's civil war went on hold in 1945 and the standing down of the CP's military wing only happened in the 1970s, when it was one of the points of the 'Historic Compromise', the agreement for which Aldo Moro was murdered in a now-iconic false-flag operation by his former colleagues on the right with US and NATO involvement.

1945 was only [i]armistice[/i]; the attempt at [i]peace[/i] had to wait until the Historic Compromise in the 1970s. And some people didn’t like the idea of peace one bit. War then broke out again, but on a far lower level - the main military feature was repression, not fighting. On the left wing side the Red Brigades, although largely coming from the said CP military wing, were far weaker both socially and militarily than the CP of the 1940s and 1950s.

Consider the theory of 'marginals' and how it was never successfully employed in Italy by anyone. The Brigades didn't go for it, but the majority of the left did. Those who didn't have a taste for marginalist bilge but who didn't go in for militaristic headbanging either, had very little space to move in. Marginalism was a military-inspired theory that never found an effective practice, which wasn't surprising, because it was a load of old rubbish. How the CP 'compromisers' must have laughed at the Brigades! 'Autonomism' was another mindfuck, largely dominated, for all its intellectal pizzazz, by a half-arsed theory of controlling base areas.

But I'm getting ahead of the story...

The plan to start the war again from the Stalinist side in the 1960s (and there were others to restart it from the fascist aka Christian Democrat side) was very closely bound up with what I call the 'Latin American KGB'.

Formidable personages therein included Cuban intelligence chief [b]Manuel Pineiro[/b], and they still include his wife [b]Marta Harnecker[/b], from Chile, who is now very close to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, whose presidential protection force is mainly Cuban. This faction long ago detached itself from Russia.

For years I wondered who put Castro and Guevara into power in Cuba, because the story of how they assumed power on 1 January 1959 doesn't sound believable at all. I even wondered whether it might have been the CIA. That Batista got out in an aircraft full of gold sounds believable, but the idea that the Jewish and Sicilian mafia figures centred around [b]Meyer Lansky[/b], who [i]owned Havana[/i], just walked away without much of a fight, scared by Castro and Guevara's courageous forces, albeit preparing to come back later from Miami, just doesn't sound credible at all. No-one in their right mind gives up the resource-rich high ground to the enemy and plans to attack them later from across the sea.

Eventually it became obvious that the 'Granma' and the Castro-Guevara takeover were backed by the KGB through its Mexican office. OK this is hardly 'news', but it's easy to get distracted by the facts that Castro was on paper pro-US for a while after he came to power, that the US embargoed the sugar, and that Castro's public moves towards Moscow seemed to be driven by deteriorations in US-Soviet relations in 1960-61, which culminated in the 1962 missile crisis - when war didn't break out and in fact the US-Soviet cold war came to an end.

The key fact here is that the LAKGB, as I call them, weren’t geared for the JFK-Khrushchev Cuba-and-Turkey deal. They misunderstood the Soviet regime, which although its intelligence professionals had outwitted the shit out of their western counterparts in the 1930s and later, had never actually taken the 'we will bury you' line seriously', employing it for propaganda and morale purposes only.
(part 2) The key fact here is that the LAKGB, as I call them, weren’t geared for the JFK-Khrushchev Cuba-and-Turkey deal. They misunderstood the Soviet regime, which although its intelligence professionals had outwitted the shit out of their western counterparts in the 1930s and later, had never actually taken the 'we will bury you' line seriously', employing it for propaganda and morale purposes only.

Led by brilliant strategic thinkers, the LAKGB reoriented.

Ditto with Cuban Intelligence, who can be viewed as the main organisational form the LAKGB took for a lot of this time.

They were ambitious, they were well-organised, and they had a very great deal of military sense. And they were [b]fucking furious at Moscow[/b].

Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, they moved away from Moscow HQ. These people didn't think on short time-scales. For a few decades their main aim was to run a long-term war across Latin America and further afield - sui generis in terms of its political form, comparable [i]with[/i] Maoist efforts but not comparable [i]to[/i] those efforts, given mainly that a) no nuclear weapons were held, and b) the 'base' was nothing like the one in China. The drug connection should be looked into. So should the connection with the Medellin Bishops’ Conference. As I keep saying, these guys are formidable and must have given the Vatican a run for their money.

I referred to "further afield". That included Angola and Congo...and eventually I reach my main point, which is that it also incuded [b]Italy[/b], where one of the LAKGB's men on the spot was [b]Giangiacomo Feltrinelli[/b].

After the beginning of the right-wing fascist-style repression in Italy in 1978 (based around the very simple, tested notion of [i]jailing the left[/i]), the Italian regime was excoriated by left-wing radicals as having made Italy into the 'Latin American' face of Western Europe. What about Spain and Portugal? I hear you ask. But they were right, and their observation was even sharper than they realised. You have to factor the LAKGB into the geopolitics here. Even military Stalinism (which in no way reduces to the Red Brigades) is usually left out of the picture.
The Con-tards of Right Wing Hate Radio are screaming that a second term Obama will suspend presidential term limits by executive order and appoint himself President for Life. This along side a "national emergency" in October that requires the suspension of the November elections should it look like the Mittster has it sewn up.

You know that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

How's that for tinfoil head gear?
mr mike: That's a reprise of the same claim with regard to Clinton and the Y2K national emergency he was going to use to stop the elections and stay in power.

And BOY! did he screw up 2001-2008, or WHAT!???!!

Project Gladio, America's seeding of right-wing sleeper agents into the Italian left, is a story that needs re-telling. It's the skeleton key to understanding the Red Brigade hi-jinx.

Joe, can you find any operative links between generals Edward Lansdale and Vernon Walters? Both were proteges of a flamboyant German exile named Fritz Kraemer, as was Henry Kissinger.

(For those assassination buffs who don't want to go down the spooky rabbit hole all the way to Germany, where a CIA guy named William Harvey did a lot of the underground planning against communist appeasers, there's plenty of juicy bait in the strait between Florida and Cuba, where Company men David Morales, David Atlee Phillips, Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt dropped anchor.)
Did Angleton ever link Latin America to Italy? And were there any spooked-up US academics pushing a deal with the LAKGB (or Italian CP, which I'm suggesting was part of the LAKGB axis), informing JFK's efforts? Hard to believe JFK was on his own. And we all know what the main US import from Latin America is.

Angleton had a Latin American mother and had lived as a youngster in Italy, where his father owned the Italian arm of NCR. His attitude towards the Italian cold civil war of the 1940s to the 1970s is presumably suggested by his involvement in publishing poems by the Italian fascist Ezra Pound when he got back to the Anglosphere. (What is it about the US and Italian fascism? See also Michael Ledeen.)

If JFK was trying to do a deal with the LAKGB, or more exactly was owned by those who wanted to do such a deal, Kissinger-and-China-style, or if a credible counterintelligence case could be made that he was, then JFK becomes not just a cocky Irish American getting too big for his boots, but a geopolitical problem, from the point of view of these fascist nutcases. 'Teach these bastards a lesson they'll never forget'.Angleton was surely the man for the job, the man who could make that case among people who counted in the CIA. 'Don't let Italy become the new Cuba'

I've only dipped my toe into these waters, and haven't even read Piper, but still reckon Israeli nukes and the question of WZO FARA registration may also be factors in the JFK assassination. The Zionists were as geopolitical a force as the LAKGB were, indeed a stronger one, both in nuclear-armed US and Russia and because they had their own nukes, or were getting them - so the big picture with the JFK murder may have been the turning of Washington into 'Israel's lawyer' or whatever the polite term is. A mere 10 years before, when Stalin considered reversing the Soviet line on Israel - which again was very probably to do with nukes - well...some Zionists seem to believe their guys took Stalin out, and even did it at Purim. They must have viewed the WZO and FARA issue too as of great geopolitical importance...
Troj - Gladio wasn't just the right putting agents into the left in Italy; it was far bigger than that, even just in Italy. And the CP also had a military organisation, stood down gradually in the run-up to the Historic Compromise - but then '68 came along, and the fascists didn't stand their army down, and... If someone was coming at this from nowhere, I'd say study the Moro operation. Italy was a bit like the Himalayas, with continental plates moving together and pushing up some mountains.
Doug Thompson's story first appeared on his website, Capitol Hill Blue, on March 29, 2006. See here.
Despite his claim about not speaking out, Connolly did make statements that cast doubt on the WCR. Here's a clip of Connolly destroying Specter's single bullet theory, the cornerstone of the lone nut hypothesis: "I am convinced beyond any question of a doubt that the first shot that was fired did not hit me."
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