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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Quick questions

1. Am I the only one who thinks that people who watch television shows about hoarders are psychologically screwier than the hoarders themselves?

2. Why don't police helicopters use infrared to track the Batmobile to the Batcave?

(Important update!)

3. The Invisible Man throws up. Is the vomit visible? Is it visible before it leaves his body? What about when he eats? Do we see the food in his digestive tract, and if so, at what point does it become invisible? Okay, now let's talk toenail clippings...

4. As long as we're doing the H.G. Wells thing, let's re-ponder a question we have pondered previously. The Time Machine is not a Time-and-Space Machine. So when our time traveler goes forward in time, why doesn't he end up floating in the void? The Earth moves around the sun.

5. You've seen the Avengers movie, right? Okay. Who the hell just gives a motorcycle to the penniless, homeless Bruce Banner? 
How does Superman get a haircut? (Yes, there is an answer).

Why do people watch shows about losing weight?
On the invisible man throwing up:

In the novel, Wells said food eaten gradually became invisible, as it was digested. So if an invisible person threw up, the food would probably be more or less visible.

I've got another one: how is it that the invisible man isn't blind?

It seems to me an invisible man would be quite blind. The light would go right through his invisible eyeball!
Good questions, all, and they remind me of a little ditty I often sing to myself at such times:

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes,
and other science facts,
Just repeat to yourself "it's just a show,
I should really just relax."

The arc of our demise can be tracked from Masterpiece Theater to "reality" TV shows.
4. Thinking of the 4-d shape of our earth sun dance over time, it forms a twin spiral through (3-d) 'space' not unlike a vastly more gigantic version of the double helix of DNA.

The illusion of perceived time passage comes from our changing position within this 'solid' spiral (considering it in 4-space), which exists in its total form simultaneously despite our consciousness of only the one cross-section 'slice' our consciousness passes at this moment.

'Travelling in time' is simply relocation to another part of one of the arms of the dual helix, the one we are always on, the earth-side spiral. So we always would end up exactly where it was (or will be), because it is always there in full totality, given the Olympian perspective of viewing 4-d space-time.

Or so the Germans' would have us believe, lol!

XI (clearly just spitballing here!)
Wow XI--love it!
Reality TV is distressing; regarding hoarders, there is a continuum. I used to religiously watch Clean House, which was a cluttered-level type of hoarding, in order to inspire me to declutter. I spent years taking bags of clothes and toys to Good Will, and it was still a wrenching experience to empty out my house last winter. My possessions are now in a 10x20 storage unit, and I try not to obsess over them. I don't get the extreme hoarders who won't part with trash, but the fellows who moved me told me they'd run into one who had them moving trash. I find Hoarders too disturbing, but I think the word "release" ought to join the national drumbeat of "recycle, reuse." Not only is it good for the hoarder/collector, but those toys should be used by other children instead of collecting dust, those unused suits and work clothes could be used to help others enter the work force, those mountains of books---at least some of them!--- could go to the prison book program, etc.
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