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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The question before us

After reading this piece on Skydancing, I realized that our national conundrum comes to this: Obama is unworthy of a second term. Romney is unworthy of a first term.

Let us have the wisdom to choose wisely.
And how do we do that? Nader in 2000 with his wonderful ads: "When I grow up I want to vote for the lesser of two evils."

Well here we are. I'm just not going to vote unless I can figure out which one is worse, then I will vote for the worse one.
Seymourblogger, you ayn rand freak, stfu. You and Nader and Naderites got what you wanted. This crap. Obots are the foul offspring of Naderites. Nader was lying thru his filthy teeth that there was no difference between Gore and Bush. Well, now we have, despite the progressive more-brainless-than faux-news-watchers' aversion to calling out a coffee colored fraud, two candidates who have no appreciable difference. Nader also screwed the Green Party by leaving it instead of help building it. All you Narcissist Worshippers need to grovel in excrement forever and beg forgiveness that some of us, I included, will never give, but beg anyway for your own salvation.

I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein, even tho there is nary a peep about the Green Party now that the last two elections running they promoted a woman instead of a male narcissist creep like Nader.

Go trigger people on another blog. You know Joseph hates Ayn Rand, what are you doing here?
Obama was unworthy of a first term too: no experience, no knowledge, no principles, no backbone. Now he's a war criminal.

The idea that I must choose Obama (who has failed to represent any of my Democratic values and basically told me to go f**k myself) because Romney is even worse is repugnant to me. I do not have to vote for either - and I refuse to do so. I am not responsible for the collapse of this country.

So, yes, I will choose wisely: I will either stay at home or vote third party. I refuse to be strong-armed. I'm 67. What are you going to do? Call me names, like I was called in 2008? Go ahead. I will not vote for a war criminal.
Vote none of the above.

Its at times like this when Im glad I dont have a say in which muppet gets to rule the world.

So Obama was republican lite for his first term, what's he gonna do if he gets that second term?

I say you won't be able to tell him and Bush the Lesser apart. His SCOTUS nominees won't be any different that what the Mittster would put up.

You've stated the problem well, but you did leave out the one point in Mittens's favor: he's not impersonating a Democrat.
All real democrats had the perfect chance in 2008 to walk away and form something ...a serious something. instead they chickened out and allowed themslves to conform. I don't understand with all the advancement in tech, social media and communications why people still think of forming a party the same way decades ago. Thinking out side the box is out of fashion or something
Well, I'm afraid I'm not very interested in voting this time around. I've always thought the whole thing was rigged anyway, but this time it really doesn't matter because we have tweedle dee and tweedle dum to choose from. At this point, I lean more towards the notion that Mitt being Pres might (that's a big "might") just be bad enough that people will want a REAL Democrat in charge by the end of it. Of course, if I'm being a realist I can't see how we are not totally screwed either way.
Obama has indicated he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. Romney might try to do it too, but with him we'd have some hope the Dems would stop him. They stopped Bush from going after Social Security. But they'll help Obama do whatever he wants.

Democrats already mindlessly worship Obama like he's the second coming. If he gets a second term, he'll become the standard bearer of the party. The new JFK. All future Dem nominees will be expected to emulate his ultra-conservatism. He need to go down as a one-term disgrace so 2016 nominees can run in opposition of his legacy.
"Democrats already mindlessly worship Obama like he's the second coming."

No they don't. They did in 2008, but anyone who actually reads liberal sites would know that attitudes have soured, even on the Daily Kos.

Kids, meet "FormerDem," a.k.a. Mr. GOP Ratfucker. A clever lot, these ratfuckers are. But they often give themselves away. They aren't subtle, they always go one step too far, and (as they say on the TV Tropes site) They Do Not Do The Research.
Hillary's latest Russophobe warmongering rant shows she is still a robot for Israel.

Did Gore repudiate Bill Clinton's giveaway of banking to the Rubin deregulators? Did he repudiate free trade and Nafta?

He wouldn't have been among the Democrats who okayed Bush's invasion perogatives? You sure of that?

The Supreme Court. THAT is the deciding factor.

Carolyn Kay
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