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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Of Bill Clinton, turning worms and the progs

Bill Clinton spoke at a hastily-arranged rally in Wisconsin, outlining the case against Scott Walker. By all accounts (here's one and here's another), the last Democratic president did a magnificent job.

What intrigues me is the reaction over on Daily Kos. Remember what the Kossacks were like back in 2008? The very mention of the Clinton name transformed these "progressives" into the left-wing equivalent of Glenn Beck's foamy-mouthed followers. They accused Bill Clinton and his wife of racism, murder, rape, drug importation and every other evil. (Well, I don't think anyone mentioned kiddie porn.)

My, how the worm hath turned! Suddenly, everyone (or nearly everyone) at Kos likes Clinton.

If you click on that link, you won't see much praise for Barack Obama. Oh, sure, maybe you'll see some pro-forma election year rah-rah, but that sort of thing is to be expected. Here's what they're saying about Bill Clinton:
Clinton gave an awesome speech in which he talked about shared sacrifice and responsibility instead of divide and conquer.
But we're glad for what we get, and for Bill Clinton to get here gave me reason to thank the gods again that we have him.  He understands -- not only the need to support the people of the party (and to "press the flesh," which he so loves to do and did today) but also what hit us here. In seventeen minutes, he summed up the last sixteen months amazingly well.
Sic'em, Big Dog!
Clinton was, as he usually is, charismatic and persuasive.
Big Poppa Bill has come out. Things are lookin up.
There was only one discordant note (this, in reference to Clinton's praise of Romney's "sterling" record at Bain)...
The older Clinton gets, the more he reminds me of Harold Ford.
Which, sad to say, comes fairly close to my own feelings. And I say that with great sadness because I've long admired the Clintons.

If you're interested in the Democratic Underground reaction, here's a sampler...
Bill is an icon, a great speaker, a smart and compassionate man.
Love the Big Dog!
I'm SOOOOOO glad he came to Wisconsin. Kudos Mr. 42nd President.
After he gave a few short remarks, Clinton, in pink jogging shorts, came down the rope line and grasped both my hand and my sons hand all at once in his big soft hands. We'll both never forget that moment.
I touched his wedding ring so almost like touching Hillary, too!
DU does feature one die-hard Obot, who is worth quoting...
Personally, I don't want to shake hands with an Obama hater, wish Obama would fail so Hillary can run in 2016 and Romney Bain Mittens supporter. No thanks!!
Nice bit of word salad there. Looks like Obama can always count on the schiz vote. Now let's see what's doing over on HuffPo...
Bill Clinton is the very best President the United States has ever had or will have.
Woah. Arianna allowed such words to appear on her site? Such praise of the despised Cleeeeen-tons was declared verboten back in 2008.

That said, most of the other comments demonstrate old-school Clinton-hate. You can count on Arianna: She doesn't turn. She may still be a worm, but she doesn't turn.

As for Walker: Although I'd love to be proven wrong, I predict that the recall won't work. Even though Tom Barrett scored well in the last debate, the right-wing propaganda machine will rule the day. These days, it's all about the propaganda.
The propaganda, fueled by the 50-1 money advantage from funders outside the state, yes.

On a more equal spending field, I doubt their propaganda is good enough that it would prevail over the opposing message, if it could be equally frequently heard.

for some reason my taking on what Clinton said it wasn't a praise of Bain and private equity, it was rather sort of an academic description of what is.
On the Gop-tard side you know praise of Bill is only to drive a wedge between voters and Barry. Anywho, praise from the Koss-hole crowd is suspect. Same as the Huff'n Puffs.
You wouldn't see any of this had Obama not instituted those milque-toast credit card rules that prevent Wall Street from squeezing that last gram of flesh.
Correction, Arianna has turned, from a conservative married to a closeted gay man running for governor of California, to running for Governor of California herself, to becoming a progressive.

What Ms. Huffington can probably never have peace with is how well Hillary and Bill Clinton worked together in politics and the success they had.

The best Ms. Huffington could do was back a wall street prop because her own backer, Soros, wanted Obama, and that is pretty pathetic.
Joe--By coincidence, the wife and I were in Milwaukee last week (after visiting Madison, Taliesin and this massive curiosity shoppe called House on the Rock). We met not only Tom Barrett but the Big Dog too. Our hotel was a block from the Barrett rally. Clinton's speech was terrific--he displayed the one-page crib sheet from which he was improvising--and he stayed to shake every hand. But the crowd wasn't massive, and the only campaign ads we saw on TV that week were for Walker, whose expensive yard signs were in front of many farms. (I'd like to know how those signs were distributed.) Prosecutors are circling Walker's staff, yet the guy sailed to a suspiciously easy victory. Maybe the simplest explanation is the best: It's all about the money, and the bad guys have more of it. They've killed my belief in American democracy. It's time to dig a hole and eat the cheese they give us.
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