Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Judge Kreep

If a writer of fiction had come up with such a name, readers would hoot. A guy named Gary Kreep runs a far-right Muslim-bashing "birther" group called the United States Justice Foundation. He was just elected a judge in San Diego.
Let me take a step back, though. Mr. Kreep was just elected to San Diego’s Superior Court. This ninny is a judge, beating out a 27 year deputy district attorney that had “received the county bar association’s highest rating and who was supported by local police unions and sitting judges.”
Wow. I knew SD was kind of conservative, but...wow.
Wonder how many in the service there voted for this guy?
I voted for the Kreep. I must say that you heard NOTHING about the creep's believes, affiliations and behaviour until AFTER the election. Where was the fourth estate anyway?

This has taught me a valuable lesson; google all the cretin's and creeps prior to an election. Don't toss a coin cause you may toss your lunch later.

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