Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Israel builds concentration camps for black people

Just in case, y'know, anyone is interested.
Im surprised anyone would be surprised.

They are not big on Schvartzes - never have been. I have gotta tell you its the biggest beef I have with Israelis.

There aint no excuse for it, and a lot of them are aware of it. Funny how Israelis often complain of backward mittle_european atttitudes when that is precisely the outlook that generally best defines Israelis.

Mind you the young are different.
Anonymous, thanks for mentioning the young are different. It was a young Israeli woman who preceded both the Arab spring and Occupy, and sparked the Israeli tent city with Jews, Arabs, etc, all living and discussing the future together, and it all culminated in a march of hundreds of thousands, in Tel Aviv and other cities. One really never runs across anyone who references this.
Some young are OK, some old are OK. The IDF doesn't seem to have any problem finding young soldiers, though, whether sabras or fresh off the plane from the Ukraine or wherever.
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