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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Why I hate conspiracy theorists

The previous post, about the CIA's role in Watergate, got me to thinking about conspiracies and conspiracy theorists. Although my ideas are a bit vague, I'm still going to jot them down. The act of writing can transform the vague into the concrete.

First: I thought the Watergate piece, though written hurriedly, turned out rather well. Yet the stats tell me that few people read it.

That's not what bugs me.

What bugs me is that, at the same time, I continued to get a huge readership for the April 1, 2006 post detailing the dreadful linkage between Aleister Crowley and the Bush family. The April 1, 2012 post -- on Mitt Romney's use of subliminals in campaign ads -- also garnered a sizable readership. (To my delight, a number of people insist that they have seen the very same subliminals on Romney's official site.)

The numbers tell us much about what the audience wants.

The audience wants fear. The audience wants sensationalism. The audience wants conspiracy theories -- but only the bullshit conspiracy theories. If you talk about something real -- such as the CIA's role in Watergate -- everyone yawns.

I've spent the day going through the CTKA site, which does the very best research into the political assassinations of the 1960s. I am in awe of the research prowess displayed by Jim DiEugenio and his band of citizen investigators. They have, in essence, solved the JFK case, or at least a great big chunk of it. (Angleton was the likely mastermind. Just in case, y'know, anyone's interested.)

But what is the point of all that fine work?

The assassination controversy has been commandeered by the likes of Alex Jones and Michael Collins Piper. Those are the guys who get all the attention, even though they are rotten researchers. (Can you imagine a hyperactive ape like Jones actually sitting down and reading a book all the way through?) Worse, they all espouse a political weltanschauung far removed from Kennedy's own belief system.

In fact, that weltanschauung is frighteningly close to the way JFK's killers viewed the world. Jim Angleton and Alex Jones have more in common than their initials. They share an addiction to fear: Fear of socialism, fear of the East coast establishment, fear of The Enemy Within, fear of reason itself.

A long time ago, I told an "old hand" in the JFK research community that he had wasted his life, because he had functioned as a warm-up act for the very fascism he despised. Please understand: I remain convinced that the JFK conspiracy was real. I remain convinced that the many citizen investigators who pursued the case did a fine and noble thing. It was necessary to question the official view.

But -- paradoxically -- a healthy questioning of authority has mutated into a form of political rabies.

We now live in a culture of paranoia. And it's killing us.

We no longer revere expertise -- in fact, we revere anti-expertise.

Half the country believes in creationism, a belief founded on the psychotic notion that all of the world's biologists, anthropologists and geologists are engaged in a conspiracy to undermine the Bible. And even though the vast majority of scientists accept the idea of man-made climate change, half the country prefers to listen to the small handful of libertarian nay-sayers who argue that global warming is a myth promulgated by socialist schemers.

Just today, I received the a mass mailing from Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, who still believes that Obama was born in Kenya. This is the most idiotic text I've ever read, and I've spent decades collecting idiotic texts. Exposure to so concentrated a dose of stupidity can be as staggering as a whiff of pure ammonia.

Our culture of paranoia made this text possible.

That paranoid culture was created, in large part, by the public's reaction to the assassinations of the 1960s and to Watergate. I think we need to be honest about this connection.

Should we not admit that the birthers are the sick, malformed offspring of the JFK researchers? I think that On the Trail of the Assassins and Secret Agenda are good books about real conspiracies. Yet, arguably, books of that sort helped to create an environment of mistrust, an environment in which bad actors like Klayman and Glenn Beck could spread their fear and poison.

See for yourself: Klayman's words, reprinted below, illustrate the dangers of a culture of paranoia. I won't bother to refute his nonsense. If you cannot immediately perceive that it is nonsense, you are too fucking stupid to talk to. As you read, think of the millions of your fellow citizens who take this garbage seriously.

Welcome to modern America. Take a look at what we have turned into.
No joking: Obama must be indicted

By Larry Klayman
May 6, 2012

At last Saturday's White House Correspondent's Dinner, the Washington, D.C. equivalent of the Academy Awards for Hollywood, President Barack Hussein Obama was feted by the leftist and overly-biased White House Correspondents' Association. Over 3000 journalists, politicians, Supreme Court justices, and other establishment "nobility" crowded in the banquet room of the Washington Hilton — ironically the hotel where one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan, was shot — to pat themselves on the back for the "great job" they had done helping to destroy the nation, hear late night host Jimmy Kimmel jokes and cater to their fatness. Predictably, in honor of their hero Obama, Hollywood's leftist elite also showed up for the celebration; even "intellectual heavyweights" like Kim Kardashian, who perhaps came only for the publicity and to find and marry yet a new half-wit husband to boost her reality series.

While Kimmel is a lefty himself, much to his credit he had the good humor to take the "mullah in chief" apart with his tongue and cheek performance. In introducing the president Kimmel greeted him with the Muslim hello; "Mr. President, Salam." Then, referring to Hussein's eligibility to be president, he quipped that perhaps the reason a lot of people believe he was born in Kenya is that he is so thin that he resembles a Kenyan marathon runner. Kimmel even attacked Obama's perceived failure to push an even more leftist agenda, challenging him to "stick to his guns." For good measure, the comedian told his socialist pal that if he needed some guns, he could get them from his Attorney General Eric Holder.

Kimmel's humor was hilarious, but what is not funny is the sad and frightening reality behind his jokes. Even leftists like Kimmel — who perhaps not coincidentally looks Jewish — have come to see Obama as a Muslim who has sold out not just his principles but also his country and our ally Israel. And, Obama's reaction to Kimmel's jokes — betrayed by his forced smiles and feigned laughter — told the tale as well. It was a difficult evening for the "mullah in chief." But it was not as difficult as the dire situation the nation now finds itself in, thanks to Obama's overt efforts to destroy most of what our Founding Fathers risked their lives to create; a free country under God, that is the Judeo-Christian one.

So with the nation in dire straits and a Congress unwilling to impeach and convict Obama for his high crimes and misdemeanors, it turns again — as it did in 1776 — for "We the People" to get the job done and legally remove the so called sovereign from our lives. The Founders realized that yet another King George III could someday inhabit and rule over the land, and for that reason, seeking to avoid the bloodshed of another violent revolution(s), they gave to us the citizens grand jury to try before all hell would otherwise again break loose.

Two week ago, I wrote about the legal bases for and history of the citizens grand jury, and why it in principle is a viable weapon, as a last ditch measure short of revolution, to use against the political establishment elite and our Muslim and traitorous president. ( Today, I will spell out what I think some of the criminal charges in the initial indictment of the "mullah in chief" should comprise. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions as well and you may contact me at

First, there is the issue of Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States. While Republicans refuse to address his highness' "Kenyaness" as they are part of the establishment Washington, D.C. club, even the jokester Kimmel thought enough of Obama's likely non-citizen status to make fun of the "mullah in chief." It is clear to anyone with a brain that Obama was not only born in Kenya, but is also not a natural born citizen, that is having two parents who were U.S. citizens as is required by our Constitution. Obama has now had three and one half years to produce the original of his birth certificate, and has failed to do so. And, the computer-generated and doctored one he did produce is a fraud. So, let the citizens grand jury indict Obama for having defrauded the American people, notwithstanding our election laws. He is the "Kenyan Muslim president," not our president and he must be removed from office by being convicted of this crime and incarcerated in a prison where he can do no more further harm to the nation.

Second, the "mullah in chief" has orchestrated the release of national security information, revealing not only our most highly secret sources and methods of gathering intelligence about the Iranian nuclear bomb program, but also our war plans should Israel wage a preemptive strike to take out the Islamic nation's atomic weapons plants. ( Just this week, I received letters from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA), in response to my Freedom Of Information Act requests seeking to confirm that Obama had disclosed classified national security information. Of course the CIA and NSA did not mention Obama by name, but instead claimed a national security exemption to justify their refusal to release relevant documents showing the illegal disclosure, and who was involved. This confirmed that what Obama released was classified. He did this to undercut Israel and the United States from attacking his Muslim "brotherhood" in Iran. As I have previously written, I sincerely believe that Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton are on the take, and that the mullahs in Tehran have bribed them — much as the Clintons were bribed by the Chinese during their administration — to sell out our nation and the western world. The "mullah in chief" must be indicted for treason and put away for good where the sun don't shine even in sunny Cuba, in a terrorist cell in Guantanamo with his fellow Muslims.

Third and Fourth, there are Obama's traitorous and illegal acts in filing a complaint against his own country before the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission over Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, SB 1070, and his obstruction of justice in the racially charged George Zimmerman case — where he used the Office of the Presidency to coerce the Florida prosecutor to indict Zimmerman to suit his political ends by shoring up his African American and leftist voter base in time for the 2012 presidential election. The acts are so outrageously criminal as to cry out for prosecution and significant prison time.

Yes, Kimmel's jokes were funny but also not a laughing matter when it comes to saving the nation. "We the People" must now, without fear, take it upon ourselves to enforce the principles upon which our great nation was founded. We cannot and must not be afraid to do what must be done to legally remove this traitor and criminal from office before it is too late to save the country and ourselves from this unholy Muslim Kenyan scourge.
"We now live in a culture of paranoia. And it's killing us.

We no longer revere expertise -- in fact, we revere anti-expertise."

I couldn't have said it any better, Joe. You nailed it with this, big time.
I think Kimmel's comedy was actually surprisingly biting, but to then hijack Kimmel's words and interpret them as Kimmel thinking that Obama is Muslim is ludicrous.

Obama should be impeached over his Parallel Foreclosure Stance, which is actually a violation of constitutional law yet it is not mentioned in the article you site.
er, cite.
"And even though the vast majority of scientists accept the idea of man-made climate change"

Science is about money. Scientists' opinions are formed from the top down, just as in any other sector. The middle-level guys get 'ideas' spewed into their heads from the higher-ups, they internalise them, and they spew them into the heads of scientists lower down.

"Manmade climate change" is bullshit. People used to skate and hold fairs on the frozen Thames from the 16th century until the early 19th. From the late 18th century on, the Thames froze over less and less frequently, starting before industry even existed. It wasn't industry that caused this change. It was Mother Nature.

There's massive propaganda for "manmade climate change", pushing the message that we have "all" got to act in ways which basically amount to working for free to help big business cut its costs.

I don't doubt that millions of Americans would agree with the above for reasons mixed up with nutcase ideas about the rulers being fanatical "socialists" (surely some mistake?), with biblical creationism, or whatever. That doesn't make it not true.

Is faith in the objectivity of scientists your main reason for believing in manmade climate change?

Not much to say Joseph. Spot on.
b, if it were anyone but you, I might not have let that comment through.

Well, I would have let it pass anyways, because it's all so freakin' hilarious. Here in the U.S., the Heartland Institute -- a Libertarian pressure group, funded until recently by (surprise!) the people who make Guiness -- goes around warning everyone that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a conspiracy of socialists.

And now, the only actual socialist I know offers the viewpoint that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a conspiracy of capitalists.

Yeah. Yeahhhhhh.

I think I'm going to mix up some margaritas now. Then I'll sit on the back porch and watch the world go mad.
Doesn't Alex Cockburn also oppose global warming?

Maybe CIA/Watergate is a little dated in your context.

Ever heard of Michael Cremo?
Check his excellent work refuting Darwinism.

I ageee it would be helpful to certain versions of JFK assassination readings to have at least one Kennedy somewhat on your side.

The Hare Krishna goofball who thinks the Earth and humanity are far older than the scientific community does?

Are you f**king kidding me, Hoop?

Sounds like you and Cremo should have both stayed away from the brown acid. :P
"Scientific community"-is that the consensus reality abridged version?
Climate change graphs here. There are already calls from e.g. James Hansen of NASA to jail "climate change deniers" - a disgraceful propagandist term which distracts attention from the issue, which is why do powerful interests shout through every channel they can that climate change is mainly manmade. The issue should not be "is the climate changing?" Of course it's changing. It's always changed. It can't be stopped. Thinking it can be stopped involves the insane idea that humans can control nature. They can't. Martin Rees, the Master of Trinity College in Cambridge, England - a very influential person - has decided that what happens in the present century will affect the planet for billions of years to come.

It won't.

He's a nutter.

That's probably why he got the million-quid Templeton Prize.

Not that the ideology is motivated by that idea in the heads of all its top pushers. I'm quite sure that no-one at the top - the kind of "top" where it's decided what to tell Rees and others to think - believes all that codswallop, any more than they believe anything else. Except, of course, their filthy ideology which appears whenever the surface is scratched, which is Social Darwinist and Malthusian, also known as "fuck you, I'm all right, Jack".

Meanwhile Nicholas Stern fronts up the "economic theory" of "climate change". Disinterested people-server, or man of the system?

So some loonies oppose the manmade climate-change ideology (itself a repackaging of 'global warming' when record winters started occurring and various places were accepted to be getting colder, and "climate change" seemed more all-encompassing). If the pushers of the ideology didn't have loony 'enemies', they'd have invented them, paid them, given them soapboxes! Some loonies oppose Big Pharma too! And Big Pharma's propaganda machine is deployed "against" purveyors of this or that "alternative" medicine or treatment, saying they're only in it for the money, or they're cultists, or both. Some loonies say the Rothschilds are powerful...
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