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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Thanks, Tea Party!

Angry as I am at Obama, I'm convinced that the Senate must remain out of Republican hands. Just when things were starting to look grim in Massachusetts (there's a bullshit controversy about whether Elizabeth Warren has Indian ancestry; I haven't been following the details, to be honest), we now have a pickup opportunity in Indiana.

Gracias, baggers. You managed to upend Richard Lugar, who had a lock on the general election. Now Indiana Republicans are stuck with Richard Mourdock -- who is, of course, hopelessly corrupt. The Koch connections should come out soon. The Democratic candidate in Indiana, Joe Donnelly, hardly seems like my kind of Dem -- but hey, better a Harry Reid than a Sharron Angle. Donnelly's chances still are not great, but they are much better than they were.

PS: I'll miss Dick Lugar. His name sounds so feeelthy.
As much as I admire Elizabeth Warren's efforts on regulatory reform, it's perfectly legitimate to ask whether she sought to be hired, promoted or tenured on the basis of a misrepresentation.

If a member of a group that's already favored in university hiring decisions (female) feels the need to invent membership in a second favored hiring category (minority/Indian) that's quite interesting.

Afirmative action policy is no paragon of "fairness," even when it's not abused (Think of the studious, otherwise qualified Asian kid from a poor family who can't get into the UC system). It's a legitimate debate whether the benefits to society are worth the costs.

Assuming Warren supports affirmative action, she has some explaining to do here. It's like when a pro-lifer lies about never having had an abortion, that's when a person choice is a legitimate campaign issue.
I live in Indianapolis, the most liberal part of the state outside of the part that butts up against Chicago, and I think you are dreaming if you think the Dem (whose name I don't even know) can win this against Mourdock.

I voted against Lugar after voting for him for a number of terms, often as my sole GOP vote. I'm not Tea Party and I lean slightly liberal. I voted against him because I am blanket voting against all incumbents this year. Clear the whole system is the mood of the country, and definitely the state of Indiana.
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