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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The sanest thing anyone has said during the past four years

I don't have much time to write at the moment, but I'd like to get this video in front of those few who haven't yet seen this. Maher summarizes an argument which has become the main point and purpose of this blog. These are the sanest words on Obama ever uttered.

It's clear that Maher doesn't really like Obama. At all. And he doesn't seem very happy with the Dems in general. Yet everyone knows that Maher gave a million bucks to the Democrats this year. This indicates not that the Dems are doing much good, but that the Republicans have become just that scary.

I would love to sit out this election. I would love to tell readers that Obama's failure has been so miserable that we should cede full control of all three branches of government to the GOP. Let them screw it all up again, and when they do, maybe we can find a real Democrat who will return this country to what I call the "New Deal normal" -- to the polices that made this country prosperous between 1940 and 1980.

I would like to espouse that plan -- but I can't. The Republicans really are just that scary. It is clear to me that these sub-Birchian zealots consider democracy an impediment to the implementation of their proposed Libertarian paradise. If those maniacs take over, the American experiment may not last.
By now, I don't scare, and I sure as hell don't listen to the sexist swine Maher...especially when some retirement ad is stuck in the middle of your column and I've never seen an ad like that here before. Must be attached to the video somehow.

No lesser of two evils for me. Evil is to be denounced, period.

btw, I was at a street fair earlier this week and saw young men in Ron Paul gear. supersonic sigh.

I also recently saw some posters advocating for Bernie Sanders. Talk about sane!! I saw him on TV explaining he would support Obama but that if Zero kowtowed to corporate he'd expose it. He was completely explaining that Zero was talking in code,

It was brilliant, and I was thinking....why not advocate for Sanders to run? At the very least it would give young people a REAL role model to look up and learn about.

Also...not sure of all your predictions, but just now saw first mention of Jeb accepting a VP role.
My heart agrees with powerlee but my head agrees with joe. Guitars chord now.
Oops-- prowlerzee--I'm groggy from too much fishing.
The Republicans are falling for their own "Obama is a socialist" trap. Because Republican politicians believe Obama is a socialist, every one of his economic actions is judged on a socialist meter, and in that case, he has been one of the worst ever.

Basically, Obama believes the primary way to rev up the economy is by offering loans so that americans go further into debt, and for that alone, he is the DUMBEST president ever when it comes to the economy.

However, the proper solution towards fixing the economy, reducing overall consumer debt by reducing the interest, penalties and fees being charged on consumer debt, is not an idea that the republican presidential nominee will embrace because republican politicians never met a banker they did not love.

If tomorrow Romney advocated consumer debt reduction via a severe interest rate reduction for anyone for anyone who can lower their monthly consumer debt load, Romney would instantly go to a double digit lead on Obama.

But he won't do it, because both political groups are governed by the banks and wall street.

That is the real story here.
So our choices are a big steaming pile of crap or a slightly smaller steaming pile of crap. I am voting Green or writing in a name because neither of those 2 legacy party options are gonna get my vote. I am voting mostly Democrat down ticket, however, their really is very little difference anymore between the two.
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