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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Republicans react to the death of Mary Kennedy: "Christian conservatives should rejoice"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the finest Americans alive today. If he did not have a vocal impediment, he might be president.

A short while ago, his recently divorced wife Mary (52) was found dead in her Westchester County home under circumstances which, at this writing, seem rather mysterious.

The Murdoch-owned Daily Mail says that Mary Kennedy hanged herself, even though no other published account I've seen offers any details regarding the cause of death. If she did hang herself, how did the London-based Murdochians find out?

I'm waiting for Fox to broadcast or publish a story that finds some way to use this event to slam RFK Jr. or the Democratic party. It hasn't happened yet, but I imagine the spinning will begin within the next 24 hours.

In the meantime, you may be interested in the immediate response offered by the kindly folks who frequent Fox Nation:
It's just as sad, if not more, to see the damage the Kennedy family has inflicted on others. 
The Kennedys are a plague. Christian Conservatives should rejoice at this kind of news.
KENNEDY'S DON'T START OUT LOOKING ALL THAT GREAT...and when they begin to 'melt', they're frightening.  They say you deserve the face you end up with.
my my my my another dead woman with the kennedys
marilyn M---suicide
mary jo k--teddy leaves her under water
now jrs wife--suicide
heII even the old man joseph lobotomized his own daughter
yep great upstanding liberal americans--- you bet
Don't forget the waitress sandwich, and the beach ra pe.
The story is young; I'm sure we'll get more loveliness of that sort from the Republicans.

What more evidence do we need that "Christian conservatives" are barbaric hate-monsters? Even Ernst Roehm's thugs were less thuggish than are today's Republicans. (And please do not quote Godwin's law to me; the truth deserves un-minced words.)

From the Fox Nation statement of purpose
All Opinions Welcome

The Fox Nation is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship .
"Freedom of thought" is, of course an unalloyed virtue. But when the Fox newsers use that phrase, they mean "freedom to hate."

Update: This post is not about the death of Mary Kennedy per se; rather, this is a piece about the immediate reaction and what it reveals about American conservatism. However, I should note that other sources now confirm that the unfortunate woman hanged herself. (See also here.)

Here are some further examples of compassion and wisdom from Republicans marking the death of Mary Kennedy:
"Don't Let your Babies Grow Up to Be Kennedys."
The Kennedy leave their women high and dry.  No support system.
 (Mary killed herself in a building attached to her estate in Westchester.)
both of them are liberals with substance abuse problems., too much  money and not enough sense.
liberals are walking dead.
phuk you, you stinking filthy liberal dick jaw
If you girls marry a Kennedy be prepared to live life looking over your shoulder.
The bIood sure runs in the family, isn't it?
(You must admire the creative approach to grammar habitually displayed by Republican commenters. When Stephen Colbert said I Am America (And So Can You!), he wasn't kidding.)
Mary's belief system would not have allowed....according to RK watchers....extra curricular activity by the boy wonder is suspect...
JFK was a racist and a misogynist.
It's amazing she didn't dump his   a    s   s   a long time ago...
I don't blame her for ki11ing herself :-P
Those Inbreds from Hyannis are rough on their women

Mary Jo K - Marilyn Monroe - Now this one
All i have to say is thank god for dead Kennedy's!!
This family just gets more and more disgusting every day!
This entire family from the patriarch Joe to Patrick and the entire family has been dysfunctional from the very beginning.  It's what happens with unlimited wealth, privilege and no accomplishment in getting there.
(Said a guy who voted for Bush and will soon vote for Romney.) And now comes the theory that Mary killed herself because of Obama:
It is sad, but I fear it is the beginning of a trend. Some will find the
death of the Democratic Party too much to handle. To see their party fall to
the Commie Progressives is the end of an era!
One of my favorite bands Dead Kennedys.
Was she in a submerged car.  Just a normal Kennedy weekend.  
What a miserable family to have their clutches on America.
Anyone involved in that family, not blood related, should run like he11, same goes for the clintons and the soetoros!
Sorry but you won't find  any pity from me for any Kennedy any time any where, these bastar ds are partly responsible  for the state of the nation. The day Teddy died, I threw a party, p iss on the entire family.
How did the London based Daily Mail get their information?

1) They hacked someones phone.
2) They bribed a local policeman
3) They made up the story, and will issue an apology on page 22 if its wrong.

4) All of the above.

Btw, I love Rebekkah Brooks' recent comments. She is of course right - this is a witch hunt. Nothing exceptional there.

But how often does a witch hunt actually result in catching a witch?

You can see why she led the UK crusade against lefties and Paedos.

Is the Daily Mail Murdoch owned? Last time I looked it was owned by the Daily Mail and Trust Ltd.

Compare to comments made shortly after liberal mouthpiece Huff Post announced Andrew Breitbart's death:

In death there should be no enmity. Even though I am a Liberal who opposed his views......Condolences to his familyand R.I.P.

Sad to hear. While I did not like his particular brand of journalism, he certainly made a huge contribution to internet media. 43 is much too young. Praying for his family.

While I don't share any of his views, 43 is way too young to die.

I was never a fan of his news site, nor his politics, but he meant a lot for many Americans. RIP Breitbart.

While I wasn't exactly a fan, but he was intelligent, engaging, and passionate. Forty-three is much too young. Condolences to his friends, family, and colleagues.

Politics aside, RIP Breitbart.

Even though I was not a fan of his, it saddens me deeply to think of the loss to his family and, friends.
Should any of the AM Hate Mongers mention the vile remarks concerning Mary Kennedy's death they'll justify them with similar examples from the Left. The party of moral behavior and personal responsibility isn't.
These "Compassionate, Religiously minded ReThugNicans" are despicable.

But then again, we knew that already!
The kindest thing that can be said of these "Christians" is "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."
There are a lot of odd deaths and shootings going on in the U.S. right now. Drudgereport makes it sound like the U.S. is in a "Race War". But that is what the right wing wants right? The death of Mary Kennedy also seems strange to me. There have been a lot of leftwing deaths lately and then Andrew Breitbart died which I also found a bit odd considering he just had a drink with a guy working for a company in Mormon Utah if I remember correctly. If I saw prominent right wingers dropping dead every other day then maybe it wouldn't seem so odd. Just seems like lots of prominent leftwingers in media and politics died early recently. Need to make a list I suppose.. to see if it is any more unusual than any other year.
Andrew Breitbart was America's #1 "BIG ASSHOLE." PERIOD. There is no need to apologize for not giving a shit about the death of a FIRST CLASS ASSHOLE.

Other than agitate the country for years, stir up racism where ever possible, call protestors rapists, send a goofball to run around clandestinely blackmailing leftwing politicians, and generally shit all over truth and common decency, WHAT HAS BREITBART done with his life other than spend it trying to wreck the lives of other people? ANSWER: NOT A GODDAMN THING.

No one has to be glad someone has died. But I could care less that he has passed on and is no longer around to wreck people's lives.
Anon...and I do wish you had used a own reaction to Breitbart's passing is on the record. I regretted his death while also regretting the way he spent much of his life.

That said, those who reacted in an uncivil way to his death have this justification: His own sites did much to increase the spirit of barbarism. As one reaps, so one sows.
Here's the deal with Breitbart and why I said what I said. Breitbart made his business wrecking lives. The United States does not function any more due to the collective agitating of Assholes like him. The American dream is moving east to its final destination in sweatshops in China. That is the wet dream of Assholes like Breitbart who cheer on this destruction of the USA in order to profit corporations. He's called protestors trying to fight all of this "rapists." He tells lies about people. He purposely distorts the news. His actions combined with the actions of like minded assholes like him ARE KILLING US ALL. I don't shed one tear of sympathy that BIG ASSHOLE is gone. He didn't show any ounce of concern for all of the people he was hurting, lives he was wrecking, why then should anyone give a fuck that this piece of shit is no longer around to wreck lives? There are some people who by a change of heart and actions become deserving of forgiveness. I don't see evidence Breitbart deserves anyone's sympathy or forgiveness.

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