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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The real traitors

Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, has renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying taxes. Forbes is calling him a hero.

The recent Republican primary race featured at least two candidates -- Ron Paul and Rick Perry -- who favor secession, at least in theory. In other words, they view treason as a reasonable option.

And yet the right routinely labels liberals as "traitors."
I'm telling you: sociopaths, the lot of them, with a bad case of projection.

The other day Digby reprinted this from the comment section of some Repug blog:

"[Obama is the] 1st President who is a pathological liar, who hates America with all his soul, and will commit any crime, violate any standard, cross any boundary, and tell any lie in order to fulfill his demented agenda to destroy everything in his path to gain the power and wealth that will assure he is dictator for life."

To which I can only reply, like my teenage son:

I know you are, but what am I?
The Rethugs are very good at diverting attention away from their many millions instances of hypocrisy and the criminal thing is that the media and the sheep that sit transfixed to the "Idiot Tube" allow this to continue.

Never mind that it was Ronnie... the Alzheimer's handicapped fail actor turn Political Ray Gun...That started their party into the decent to the depths of the stinking cesspool most, if not all, of the Republican party now inhabit!

The "Sheep" fail to remember that Bush the minor, aligned himself to the "Right Wing Jesus is coming, blow this shit up because your all fucking sinners anyway faction" and literally sold this nation off to his homies!

And then you have the "smart ass bastards" Like Severin!

They suck everything the United States has to offer them and as soon as they have wrung what they can from the system.

They run off to off shore banking consortium's to stash away the millions upon billions to avoid paying taxes on the blood they've sucked out of the system leaving us to either pay for the destruction they've left in their wake or to subsidize their High Flying lifestyles while we..the "common" saps to rummage and beg for scraps from our Government that has decided to allow us PEONS to fend for ourselves!!!!!

This Severin punk should be dragged back here to answer for this or have ALL of his money and bank accounts FROZEN until he pays what is owed. Shit.....The Government can do this. Didn't they FREEZE Qaddafi's accounts...Iranian Accounts..AlQueda accounts... Colombian drug King Pin accounts..etc etc etc?

Funny.....I havent heard ONE peep out of people about this Severin thing...NOT ONE!!!!!!
Yves Smith said similiar yesterday, though perhaps understated.
its more complicated than dodging taxes
No story on JP Morgan ?
Authoritarians are only interested in their ideal America and not in the United States as a whole. That's why they wouldn't consider the idea of secession treasonous as long as it's coming from the people who pander to them. In their minds those political leaders will have inherited the spirit of the "founding fathers".

Likewise Eduardo Saverin isn't renouncing his allegiance to the America that exists in their imagination--as a successful business man he embodies American values--but is defying the big abusive government that wants to leech on his success.
Re; Perry & Paul: Tejanos always reserve the right to secede. Like an ace in the hole. Nothing new there, no biggie.
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